Beds & Bedrolls not working... sometimes

Since this last patch I’ve died a few times… mostly due to the lag…

But there seems to be this new bug where sometimes, when I die, I don’t get the option to return to my bed or bedroll and instead get sent into the starting area desert.

This is on an official server.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes I’ve experienced this too, especially if dying while the purge is ongoing, no option to select bed or bedroll only desert. But it doesnt happen everytime.

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I’ve had that happen too, however if you pull bracelet as soon as you respawn you have the option to the select bed or bedroll. I suspect it’s related to dying while the server is struggling and since there is the huge server performance issues going on now so it might be related.

I’ve had this too on ps5 pve-c official. Thankfully someone build a map room on the edge of the desert! :laughing:

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