Beehive no longer generate honey after initial harvest

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Beehives no longer generate Honey after initial harvest. New Beehives must be created in order to collect more Honey.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft a Beehive
  2. Place Beehive outside
  3. Wait for Beehive to generate Honey
  4. Remove Honey from Beehive
  5. Wait and observe that no Honey is being generated.

If you come across this bug, please reply “confirmed” in the comment to flag issues to dev.


I can confirm this also,and the animation of the bees no longer shows them flying around on my end at least.

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Confirm. Though I still have bee animation.

I’ve fixed this in a mod if you are able to install mods. It is “Fixed Wells…” on workshop.

For devs fixing, there are two problems. One is the HasBeenPlacedInWorld bool is sometimes lost after a restart, and the other is doing a take all for an inventory with stacked items will leave behind null items. A basic hive will check if there are 5 items in the inventory and stop if so. After a take-all there will be 5 null items.

Often it will make one more honey and then stop. This is because the item removed event doesn’t check capacity. So if you can’t use mods you might try putting items in and out to get it going again.

Confirmed - on privately hosted dedicated server. No bee animation (had no idea this was even a thing!)