Been asking for help

Obelisk blocking preventing players from teleporting. With proof

How long will it take Funcom to take actions?
It’s just not fair that the best option is to play local and offline :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:

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Yet just another example of today’s toxic gaming community!
Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the days when players actually helped one another?
Ah the good old days…


Didn’t you try to pull some world boss there?

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Nope but if it would destroy there base then I would

Someone told that it works :wink:

I don’t think they will. You can still play the game without teleporting there, so it isn’t technically “completely preventing other players from playing the game.”

Dude, That’s basically trapping players inside to force then to kill themselves has a derouted way to kill players on a PVE server.

There’s isn’t more messed up exploit of the game features than that on a PVE server. There has to be actions taken.


It is pathetic that people block access like that but it is not completely preventing players from completing the game - when Funcom defines completing the game as removal of bracelet with keystone and escaping past the green wall.
Absolutely blocking obelisks etc in PvE is anti-social, petty and completely unnecessary… but teleporting to them and even completing a journey step regarding them is not necessary to complete/play the game.

To be able to use a map room to teleport to an obelisk you have to interact with the obelisk. Therefore a newer player when running into a situation as pictured would realise they won’t be able to get out … so they could make a temporary base with bedroll and chest and get naked … get in to get obelisk access to complete their journey step and then die to spawn at nearby bedroll.
They can then mark on their map and put a warning sign next to the map room obelisk port stone that the obelisk is a trap.

For an older player who had attuned their bracelet prior to the obelisk being blocked in who teleports to it - gets trapped - dies. Well then they have to get more creative: get naked (or maybe grab a religious tool in case the corpse is invisible but only use if the follower can carry everything in one port), put a bearer or pet on follow, teleport back to the obelisk, get items of corpse and transfer to follower. Die. Eventually your follower will port back to their last guard position. Repeat if needed to get more items.

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Here the thing, players go for PVE precisely to avoid these kind of shenanigans.

If Funcom fails to prevent, respond and take proper actions in order to prevent a few dongheads to ruin other players experience, players will just leave.

Players leaving is less revenus for Funcom.

It’s that simple.

Funcom has to take actions.


i would suggest to build a wall around their wall. if you cant access it, they wont be able either.


I agree with that as well. But go another step … surround their actual bases so they can’t get back in … see how much fun they find it to be blocked.


this is even better. trap them inside their base :grin:

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Try reporting to them:

Quoted for visibility. Your whole post is great, but this section should really get more attention as it could save veteran players a lot of heartache.

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What qualifies as a ‘Vetran player’ ?

I’m a half century young!


@Ignasis I just can’t believe that :sweat:

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof . Action meaning this behavior can lead to bans of the clan or players involved. In extreme cases please use contact anyone from our @community team and send them a PM to report these issues.


Extreme cases involve blocking gameplay completely for a large amounts of people. Obelisk blocking does not constitute such an offense. The user in question has been informed, despite continuous insistence and refusal to acknowledge our rules.
Additionally, sharing screenshots of private conversations (be them with us or any other player) is a serious offense and we will unfortunately have to apply disciplinary action.
We will proceed to close this thread.