Been away for +8 months, whats the meta?


Do people play the new map more or still the old?
Can you still undermesh
Game still filled with cheaters?
Funcom still doing nothing to ban these cheaters?

Just asking, since i miss the game, even though it was filled with cheaters.

Old map rulzz here.

They introduced the anti-undermesh system, but I think (sadly) it doesn’t work with purges because yesterday half of the Nordheimer purge (including Ladagara, daughter of Ymir) spawned under a hill. I had to go into ghost mode and shift-delete them.

My friends and I prefer the new map as the design makes more sense and has less clutter, can’t speak for others though… Funcom had to add more servers running siptah but they all seem empty now.

We have hopped 6+ servers, sometimes cause we got wiped, sometimes cause the server population died, and half the times because there are people actually using hacks who get reported, yet are staying on a server for weeks.

Undermeshing is pretty vanilla at this point, i’ve had to learn how to raid undermeshers, these players are mostly garbage at actually fighting (I don’t wanna point fingers but it’s mostly Chinese/Russian zergs, so they win engagements by outnumbering you 3 to 1… need to isolate your fights).

I’ve had bombs planted inside my base from a hill 100 meters away, there are people running around with 50 all attributes, or just running on water, losing no stamina, duplicating religion stuff for avatar summoning every day.

The meta, when you manage to get into a fair fight, is to use heavy armor on horseback and being supported by a Sabretooth companion, since having no stamina cost with the added benefit of 200% bonus damage and larger hitboxes is very well designed(you can swing where-ever on a horse and get a hit anyway), as much as i like mounted combat being part of any game, this one is terribly implemented. There is no dedicated counter, not even a soft counter combat-wise to someone running at you on a horse… the only thing you can do is jump off a cliff or in case of base defense, have some doorways spammed that you can pass through but a horse/sabre are too thick to follow.

The game is a disaster when you play official due to blatant cheaters who come back with a new account the next day after a ban, I might try and suggest private servers but they’re all ■■■■■ with their stupid rules and dumb overtuned harvesting values.

On the other hand it’s a great game that has had many exciting changes lately, they also disabled the family sharing stuff on Steam or whatever, so it should be harder for cheaters to return… there’s allegedly gonna be a combat update (soon?) and I dare to expect something out of this world, like mounted combat being more balanced and the benefit of being mounted is speed/mobility not dealing 3x damage with no stam cost. Maybe even something crazy like new animations, daggers being able to actually hit people and all weapons being viable in PvP cause their animation sets aren’t slow and useless unless you try hitting someone afk.

Honestly i really want to like this game and i’ve grinded way too much the past few months, but at the same time i could write a book of what i would change about it, I would’ve suggested the game to you at the launch of Siptah, but for now I’ll tell you to stay away.


Horse + cat is the PVP meta, fits everyone since it’s recuire less skill. That’s why “noobs” dont like when experienced players have an opinion about it. Luckely there is private servers that let u avoid this.

Otherwise it’s still the same. Patches that fix one problem but bring 10 other.

A lot of focusing to fix stuff that dosnt recuire a fix, instead of fixing stuff that has been problem for a long time.

The list can go on for forever but, somehow I still play it ( on private servers tho) in hope they actually get some feedback for the real PVP community.

And yes this is from a PVP players perspective.


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