Been banned don't know why or for how long


Can you please help me with an enquiry?
I have been playing a server 3216 for about 18months now I just found out me and my clan has been banned we have been at war with 2 other clans and we have beaten them both, they did say they were gonna report us but I really don’t see we have done anything wrong apart from defend our bases. Please could you shed some light on this for me thank you.

Since you are asking in the general forums and not asking FunCom directly, here is my take.

You were banned for exploiting, running third party hacks, manipulating code and under meshing. You can review the guidelines FunCom released a little while back and see exactly what you did.

Hope this helps!

Isnt it enough, when 1 person in a clan does it, to get the whole clan banned?

Well if someone in the clan cheats the clan should expell them and then report them. Pretty weak excuse to say it was my clan mate that cheated while you reap all the benefits of their cheating. In a nitshell the whole clan is just as guilty.

We have never cheated on the game, that’s why I am really confused, but new to this form room, so thanks for your help

It would be too easy for on e player to take the heat, then alt up and join them. The colan would lose nothing. this is a way for players to police themselves.

It starts by policing your own clan if you don’t want to get banned.

By doing this, it may deter some players who do not want to hurt their clan mates.

It’s the age old saying “John really a friend if they don’t consider how something will affect Jack when he does it”

Well, if you feel that the ban was unjustly applied, I would recommend contacting @Ignasis and/or @Hugo and appeal the ban. They are really the only people who can help you in this situation.


the Rules are clear in this case

If you have done this you can only wait but posting this in Public is against the Rules.

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