Being kicked when playing the official server SA #1996

Since yesterday I am playing as usual but after a while I am being kicked without reason, I also checked that when the online player are 32+, it start to happen.

I was fighing a bear, and I got kicked, I was running, and also I got kicked, I think it is related to the new autokick feature (AFK), but I am not AFK.

I started the cmd.exe and I was tracing the ms from the server with ping command, and my ping is <= 35ms, so I am not being kicked from the ping being >= 200ms.

Please, I want to play the game, but I can’t this way and wait hours for someone to logout, being kickeed 5min after, and wait more hours to login again is unfair.

Im allso getting kicked from time to time, with low to high player populatiion.
After the kicks i can’t acess/see the server for about 1~2min.

Also i realized that only the servers that got moved to the new Datacenter gives this trouble, and all three of them #1976, #1986, #1996 disapear from servers list (Get “Can’t acess the server” message from steam) when i get disconected.

#Edit: My internet provider is VIVO.

It is exactly what is happening here.
#Edit: Mine too

They added a patch for kick for inactivity, its intended so ppl dont stay online while not playing.

Have you read what I typed up there? I am playing and I am losing packets from the game while fighting/running/anything from time to time. I also don’t receive a timeout, it is a disconnect. Maybe it is a route problem.

Did a few more tests. Used ping command on CMD with one other computer (At the same time), both of then fails to ping from time to time at the exact same time (Pings range from 30 ~ 100 at max).

Changed my DNS to Google (,, OpenDNS (,, CloudFlare (, and got no improvements what so ever.

I still have to find a vpn service that works with Conan Exiles to test it further.
Still trying to play but its very frustating to get disconected all the time.

#Edit: Tested a few VPNs, the only one i got to work was TunnelBear but the ping is a bit high peaking over 200 so i get disconected for high ping. I tested by waiting till the server stopped pinging to turn the VPN on and it started to work again right away (Paying premium for TunnelBear didint improved my ping).

Got it to work using IPVanish ($9,99 month), not ideal solution but i really wanna play so, there goes the tip to any1 else with this issue.

I just wanted a response from the staff, seems there is none around.
I will keep the IPVanish waiting. :slight_smile:

I used to use Mudfish to solve a similar problem in another game.
It was far cheaper as it charged for data used. A few dollars lasted like six months.
It was an MMO too so it likely used a lot more than Conan.

Now seems the server is off or with a high latency, is there anyone from staff who can answer our questions?

Now I am having a constant 40ms-, but seems the server was not started, maybe they restarted and forgot to open the server, what a nice thing. :smiley:

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