Being unable to damage mobs in water is intentional?

Or is it for temporary task for finishing jungle/swamp + other features in official release?

I hope so :slight_smile:

What were you damaging them with? I’ve heard some reports that arrows, etc. will collide with the water’s surface and not hit enemies that are in water. It’s especially noticeable in some caves with pools of water.

You can still damage mobs with demon-fire orbs.

But can’t with any melee type weapons.

It used to be working previously.

Its a thing

I remember the Dev’s saying in a stream how because they can’t get the mobs to attack you in water, so you’re not able to attack them. Can’t remember the whole reason, but this is very close to their reply.

It makes sense. My old tactic used to be tread water and slaughter crocs at level 5 and just PL up with impunity. It was quite a broken mechanic and it’s good they did away with it.

The problem here is that if this case is during purge mission, then you won’t be able to finish the mission and can’t build additional buildings and wait for server reset at midnight. But I believe they got solution for this.

And to be fair, I hope they change both players and mobs being able to attack each other in water as well.

I believe Javelins work. Atleast the last time I tried it did. Not sure now though.