Benches and Large Chests Inaccessible

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After reaching level 60 for the second time, after restarting the game, I logged back in after jumping out of the game for about 60 minutes and I can see but cannot access my armorer’s bench, torturer’s bench, carpenter’s bench, mitra’s statue of refreshment, large campfire, and half of my large chests.

I just found out that I all of my building pieces, which I can see, really do not exist and I lost all of my fish traps and shell fish traps.

EDIT: Removing the mods only grants access back to the Large Chests.

When you remake a character and come back, I don’t think you have ownership of all the old buildings and stuff, but I could be wrong. I’ve been meaning to try that myself and see what all I can still use from an old base.

I have a friend that plays with my on my dedicated server and we were in clan together, but when we split for a test of something, she lost all access to her buildings and stuff, since it stayed with me as the clan leader. So I think your stuff is now in a leaderless clan. Derelict stuff. If there is a building decay setting in your game, I think they will eventually decay away, having no owner.

I think, but am NOT sure.

This is a known issue (see Missing all Crafting stations and inventory after Update). You probably clip through any walls you had too.

I may have misunderstood the OP: “After restarting the game” - I was thinking of restarting the character. I don’t know why, other than I may have been really tired at the time.

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