Benches placement issues

some of the new benches (especially casting bench and armorer’s) can’t be placed near/next to walls, like so:


Trade Alchemist set can’t be placed at all even in large room


Guess they need to tighten up the ‘footprint’.

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Hey @drachenfeles

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent note to our team so they can look into it.


In this one, it seens to be overlapping with your character, maybe placing it from a little further back would do the trick.

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tried, only removal of the wall does the trick


The whole bounding box, I’m thinking, and not just on this bench. Early on, somebody reported a bug that they could no longer place any crafting stations right up against a wall, that it was making them leave a big gap behind. And just the other night, I posted a bug in the latest patch notes thread that trying to place any decor item, like a lamp, on top of a crafting station results in it hovering about one to two feet above the crafting station.

The bounding boxes for the crafting stations are now WAY bigger than the models are.


Yes, in addition I have noticed that they go deeper under mesh hiding some of the details, so they need to adjust the mesh/footprint to be alittle higher above the ground…

Honestly they need to remove that restriction from the game entirely. It makes zero sense to not be able to place something because you yourself are in the way, especially when you’re not clipping with the structure.

LBPR is your friend.


Yep, @Multigun’s mod, LBPR is definitely one of the best mods in Conan Exiles. Too bad it can’t be used on official servers. It would be abused way too easily. But on a private server where the admin(s) monitor buildings or in single player, LBPR is definitely a “must” mod.

I think its the vertical of the placement box that is too high. I found removing hanging lights above removed most of my placement issues. After placing I can usually put the light back in almost the same location as before.

I did have that problem with hanging lanterns too. Another of those things that makes zero sense from an end user perspective. :I

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