Beneficial bug?

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Personal computer with server, NY

TLDR: A friend has over 1600 feat points

A clan (tribe, guild, pride, whatever it is) friend logged in last night to help me with a purge only to find he was now a level 4, quite a drop from a long-time 60. Whenever he was not in combat, he repeatedly and incrementally leveled up to 60, not being able to do much due to the 56 messages.

Two waves and although the purge gave no notice, it restarted fresh from J5 to a base in G7 (same clan). We hotfooted it over there as he was reinstating attributes and feats and easily defeated the purge.

To his amazement while in that travel was the amount of feat points available to allocate. Being a bit disgusted with the level 4 and purge switching, he chose to “watch TV with his wife” (I think that is code for something, but only they know :stuck_out_tongue: )

This morning, he activated every feat available and still has over 600 points to spend. Clearly not something intended on his part, or Funcom’s.

He is considering starting a new character to travel this voyage as intended, but I thought someone here may have a better solution.

I have personally had the 1000+ feat points happen in a solo game. I chose to ignore it and use that character for testing instead of playing.

Since this has happened twice over a combined total of well over 5000 hours, I have absolutely no idea how to replicate it.

Pertinent data: vanilla CE, never a mod; many tweaks to the server settings (I am not admin); no decay; max purge level 6; extremely stable server; daily restart.

Any thoughts, gals and guys?

Thanks, in advance


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