Best Archer thrall to level up?

has anyone check the nordheimer/cimmerian t4 archers?

Ehh, several of the lowest-tier T4s, but not specifically which ones. Can check later.

A (probably non-exhaustive) list of Archers I’ve found to have 30 Acc @ level 0:

  • Iekika the Visionary
  • Kol True-Strike
  • Cristian the Blade (why this guy is an Archer to begin with is beyond me but eh)
  • Conchaka of Hyrkania
  • Galter of Bossonia

You can also find tons of Archers with 0 (zero) Accuracy, which frankly makes me question what kind of oversight, if any, went into this allocating of stats, but… it is what it is.

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Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers: 0 | 15 | 10 | 20 | 0
Lissa: same
Mandughai: same
Best bang for your buck, so far is the RHTS. Hyborian 3 used to be cool, now they 7 | 0 | 7 | 0 | 7

Side note, Cimmerians like the Zerk and Dalinsia are 15 | 0 | 30 | 0 | 0

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The Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers have good archer stats. Somehow it doesn’t matter if they are shown as Fighters or Archers, they all start with extra Accuracy.

i am debating myself regarding archers,

they are not meant to be hit, those extra 10 accuracy seems very atractive, only we need to ha ve good rolls on grow chance to vitality and accuracy, potaIN heavy Armor gives + accuracy (9 for t he whole set? ) that would be 39 accuracy at level 0. pair it with a reach of the red mother, and good arrows and it should really be very strong, (will test)

It does, and it’s still a travesty and very nearly a crime against humanity to waste the Cavalier set on Accuracy. Gah!


I think they are still the best. Honestly who needs archers or animal anymore when you can level up a fighter thrall and get strength over 60 and hp over 10k. My thrall can solo anything now quickly and doesn’t take much damage. He’s a beast. So instead of archers or animals I’m leveling all fighters.

Sure. I’m not personally bothering with Archers either - or for that matter with 98% of Fighter types. Their absurd Attribute load outs make them entirely pointless.

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Unless they are pushing for mounted archer builds???

Yeah. Archers may be best as early detection systems. IE have them do as much damage during a raid defense, but when they die, you now the breach has happened. For purges, they can probably still offer better defense.

I have an ongoing whinefest, err, topic for the travesty that is the Pointain stat allocations.

well remember the pictish armor that offered heat protection instead of the cold protection it should offer becasue of pelts?

logic does not seem to apply in here… and certainly the heavy armor apply to the same group of inconsistencies.

No matter how much I suspend my disbelief, I still shake my head every time I have to strip naked to avoid frostbite… :rofl:


Sadly enough try t3. I have found that stats very more greatly. I could not get a t4 to get a decent stat in accuracy. Closest i got was a t4 bearer right now i wanna say he has 19 in accuracy and he is level 12. I got a t3 archer, level 10, with 25 accuracy with a 65% chance to increase. currently sitting at 6.5k health

Try Naralia of the Desert Seas. She starts with 30 Acc, 3590 HPs and is a fast leveler. I believe she is a thrall from tundra purges.

Black Hand and Dogs of the Desert are both 30 Accuracy at spawn, and currently Black Hand Archers have a higher health than their Fighters, which is probably a mistake. In addition, Black Hand gets a total of 50 Base Stats while all other Factions get 45, also probably a mistake.

However, Dogs have a higher base health, so if I had to guess out of the two they most likely have a higher base damage as well. Both of them are on the lower end of the faction spectrum, and I would bet that the RHuTS Archers (20 Accuracy) to start would blow them out of the water on damage.

Without any damage numbers to compare whatsoever, you can’t really say for sure, but my clan is sticking to the RHuTS and possibly the Relic Hunters as well for our Archers.

T4 archer from desert dogs is a bruiser. 8k hp which is fair but starts with 32 acc. I put him in a death box and he two shot the players trying to raid us. Using dragon bone bow with armor pen and dragon bones arrows.

Is accuracy the only stat that matters for archer damage? Or do archer thralls still get an innate bonus, which I think the old system was tied to. I think being a fighter/archer used to have an intrinsic dmg bonus for melee/range respectively.

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