Best armor/weapons/stats for PVP

Not an expert at pvp at Conan exiles (no thanks to lag).

However, through my limited experience at CE, my humble opinion is Vitality is king 40-50 then Strength 40-50 (30 for pve) and grit 20-30, encumbrance 20, agility 10 or 20. Heavy and Medium armors seem to beat Light armor for pvp even for pve at tough fights.

It seems to be Bows are side weapon…I wish archery perks had got bleeding (melee was meant to be side weapon in realistic scenario), Pikes are main weapon at game-Reach+Cripple-bleed is OP. Two handed sword seems to be more effectie then other weapons at aoe combat against multiple enemies (2h axe is slower at animation and seems less accurate, Maul is very slow although has sunder bonus). Shield block seems to suck against multiple enemies and blocking stamina refreshment.

I would like to hear experienced pvpers opinion aswell.

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