Best bugs during fights

There was so much time for testing before release:

So here it goes:

  1. Teleporting dogs: Took Dux on a flight and landed him on a train (no lader) for high ground bonus…the dogo just runned at me and magicaly poped out next to me from ground level. Gues dogs can fly.

  2. Sky is the limit: How about an underground fight? Fighting some ghuls in the tunel when sudenly a pyro throws his molotow cocktail from the other room, cocktail flighs right over ceiling and well…the ground above the underground tunel and hit’s the target.

Thank you for bringing these bugs to our attention :slight_smile: I will report them to the dev team.

  1. The dog issue has been addressed several time I think. They are mutant dogs and can jump up on anything (how are dogs supposed to use ladders anyway?).

  2. Yea, it’s weird but it goes both ways. You can throw grenades just as far and use abilities like Frog Leap through walls and ceilings to just about anywhere.

It would count as a bug even if we agree that those are rabbit dogs jumping places. Why you ask? because There would be at least an animation of the jump.