Best Game In Years

I am one of those customers who have rather extreme values when it comes to products and services, it appears, but even if our values don’t align perfectly, rest assured there are plenty to be happy about.

I’ve divided games in three categories mainly these days: below par, on par and above par. Those below are fun merely for a day or so, maybe even less. Those on par do a little bit more except feel rewarding in a way as well. Those above par perform in a surprising ways on top of the aforementioned.

Then there is Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden… For this game I need to form a new category.

How do you name a category to express the explicit honesty the game promotes? It reflects the healthy level of integrity, passion, ambition and devotion of the development team like the good old games of the long past reflected of their respective teams. No matter the name, it definitely fits to the right end of the aforementioned scale.

I have only two disappointments to share when it comes to the game:

  • Shared visually equivalent skills make the characters less interesting in personality when it comes to a game that aims to be quite unique; e.g. the wings. Efficiency in relation to the framework forces to pick between characters who share more than just their visually equivalent skills. Combination leaves a tad sour taste to mouth when we would actually yearn a reason to pick otherwise instead. It is a pity to not be able to play a character we would otherwise rather play due visual presentation’s intervention, of a skill.

  • I would suggest to focus on distinct design choices. Skill behaviour doesn’t necessarily have to change; just the visual delivery.

  • Other issue, albeit minor, is about being unique as well, but the visual inventory presentation instead. While it is simple, inventory boxes feel like they lack in gentle strikingness. Too simple in comparison to the goal, that is. They don’t have to explode to our faces, but the boxes would benefit from small added - living - dynamic detail.

  • Devil moose lives in the details. This horned creature desires our vision and focus, so do so.


Thank you for the delivery of one of the best games up to date. :orange_heart: