Best idea for pvp saga, or any pvp really

These are required for any pvp idea to work, including the best which is revealed below:

Remove cheats and exploits, remove gear dependency (like it was before Craig took over), or if no gear dependency removal(which would make pvp level a status), then increase pvp xp speed by at least 100 times. It is sooooo slow, you lose people very early who get demolished only because the others have years and gear behind them. Skill is irrelevant at that point. PLEASE get rid of Bori and Bori II (pvp ‘events’).

On to the idea.

Apb reloaded was just bought by a company that wants to get rid of cheats and exploits, add time, money, and content into it. If you refuse to do the same, as far as selling to a company that wants the pop to explode, then put time in aoc.

I think the apb type of pvp would be awesome. Take a hub city, like OT. Everyone is in it, but cannot attack each other until you are in a mission or quest. As soon as you get 4 people to sign up, say the gate guard saw some suspicious characters painting the back side of the wall. the two guard helpers have 15 min to cover the paint and kill as many suspects as possible, while the suspects have 15 min to keep the wall painted and kill as many guard helpers. Anyone that joins will add to one side or the other, always increasing the team size. Random things happen all the time, like maybe a horse could explode that was walking by, part of the wall collapses, etc.

It is a blast in apb, if you take away the cheats and exploits.

Or say one of the guys in the bar close to the path of asura wants you to steal a horse and wagon from the mitra temple and get it to the docks, while the other team has to get it to the thunder river travel guy. Huge battle for 30 min.

Random missions, some short, some long. Imagine OT, Conarch Village, Khemi, Tortage, Pin Pin, pretty much anywhere.

This can even be done in current hubs on crom, as the only pvp would be those in the mission for or against. If you are not in a mission, you would not be bothered, but maybe might interest more to join.

Come on funcom, all the time and money you put in Exiles, you could have made the biggest game comeback of all time with aoc, AND IT IS STILL POSSIBLE FOR PVP AND PVE!!!

When somebody says “take away the cheats” or “fix hacks” i always giggle a little bit.

White sands isle BATTLE ROYALE!