Best practices to debug Mod sequence

Good morning, I have some questions about what is best to do when you have a Mod that creates a bug by probably overwriting the settings of another, in Single Player Co-Op.
I know that it is best to back up the Saved folder, then take out all the Mods, put them back in one at a time, do some playtesting, and so on, until you find the Mods that together create problems and change the loading order, until you put the original Saved back in and continue playing.
So I am saying what I know, but not being totally sure, I would like confirmation from experienced people:
(a) If you remove Mods that touch the aesthetics of your character or Thralls, (hair, skins, makeup, armor, etc.) the data still remains saved, even if you no longer see it, of course. Correct?
b) If you remove Mods that have parts that you can spawn in game, such as walls, items, and whatnot, these will also no longer be present, but still the data will remain in the backup Saved.
c) Many players suggest removing the subscription to a Mod, especially if there is a version change, such as now from 2.8 to 3.0, and then putting it back on and being sure to re-download the latest version of the updated Mod. Is this really helpful?
d) Many Mods have their own settings file inside SaveGame, inside the Saved folder. If you have saved particular settings, I guess, in case you do c), you’d better unsubscribe, put it back, have Steam download the Mod, then before loading Conan, put the original file back with your settings, correct?
e) Finally, is there a command from the command window (tilde key), that allows you to check some sort of integrity of the game file? i saw there is a batch command inside the Saved folder that scans the saved Db data, and backups, is there anything else? the server diagnostics from inside the game shows a lot of information, but doesn’t go on the errors.
Sorry for the flood of words, but I need confirmation, to avoid ruining a savegeme of about 400 hours.
Thanks to those who will have the patience to answer me.

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