Best Saga Rewards

With the Saga server coming to a close next week there will be some decisions made for which of your Crom character to claim your additional rewards on. So perhaps we can get some opinions going on which classes have really good choices for the T6 weapons and cloaks. If you’d prefer to go the other way and say which are not good choices at all that works too.

I guess the personal taste will influence the weapon / necklace choice a lot but I think that only DTs got only “bad” choices to be honest, a lot of people say that the sword isn’t that great since it lacks magic damage and some say that the talisman is bad because it got no armor on it and there are better protection talisman items in the game.

I have seen a lot of ToSes chose the blunt + shield but in my opinion the staff is just better (I don’t like weapon switching for healrating because it does not work when spellweaving), maybe it’s just the looks they went for.

Once the servers merge I will choose the two swords for my barb, I do not only like the look of them they are also a lot better than the weapons I got right now and since I don’t like playing barb with a two handed sword that much I will not go for the two handed sword.

Personally I think that each class gains something from the Saga quest rewards, except DT.
The future choice is rather a matter of what you like and what you do not like. I am thinking between Conq-HoX-BS and can’t really decide.

Yeah those are my choices as well with maybe the sin instead of the BS. The scale on the 2HB is too big and makes it look like you have some giant hunk of concrete on the end of a pole. I’m not sure I’d be able to keep playing my BS if I had it. Which is a shame because that was probably my first choice. Again another reason for vanity weapons.