Best update of all times!

The update was fine. I have no issues with using some stamina to block. If you have to stand there and block until your stamina is gone, you are doing it wrong.

This happend to me in the Last days also. I could not make them teleport, Had to Run back…pick the thrall up…set him on guard and watch him run towards the point where i was trying to make him teleport.

Vaults are bad at the Moment. If you have the bad Luck to have ur thrall Getting stucked inside the vault you cannot do anything…you habe to exit the vault, wait for the thrall to teleport…
Then you can move back in…

Same. My thrall got stuck in a crevice and wouldn’t teleport to me even after I had run halfway across the map. I had to unfollow her and let her wander back home. This is the “fix” for the up close and personal issue apparently. Better to not try to fix minor bugs than to create worse ones.

Not sure about followers, but the mob certainly does!! Over the past days I’ve killed dozens of helpless animals who seemed to have a leg stuck in a rock and couldn’t move

Invisible bug seems to be more common now than before. Npc’s acting is weirder as before. Server performance is worse than before. Some nerf’s made some type’s of weapons totally useless to farm. The list can probably go on for even longer. But yea, best update? No, not really.


and I still waiting undated for the bugs on ps4

Nah, I’m pretty sure @Halk was joking. He seems to have that deadpan sense of humor. Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Mitch Hedberg. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel like both followers and mobs do this, but good news is I had heard somewhere that they plan to fix this issue soon!

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