Best vault to farm

Which is the best vault to farm for the recipes for:

GM armorsmith
GM weaponsmith
Midnight alchemist

Also, what length is the reset timer for the boss chest?


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Recipes drop randomly in vaults. As far as the best vault probably the demon spider vault in the west as it is easy and gives the most xp. My understanding is midnight alchemist will only drop doing the grey one pools

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I did the three surrounding the Northwood as they are all equa-distant to eachother and the timing is right that as you finish your triangle, the respawning happens. Go clockwise because it’s an easier and fast method than counter clockwise.

There is a tighter triangle using the Jhil, Harpy, Drowned vaults. But I don’t recommend any grinding of the harpy vault…just no not fun.


I don’t mind the Harpy vault (with a thrall) once I’m down the tree.

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There’s no best when it comes to rng. No vault has specific spawns or certain for any recipe. So! The fiend vault is by far the fastest and easiest.
I love this vault, goblin and gremlin! You have to do something really stupid to die there!
For midnight alchemy nobody is sure actually, but keep trying even in surges of the center!
All the above recipes to me, on official servers, came only from Grey pools. But in single player admim mode surge tests i had once the midnight alchemy! I didn’t kept a photo to prove it, but it dropped. NEVER online however :man_shrugging:.

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