Best way to connect trees

Ok so I want to build a cool network of hanging bridges between trees. But how do I best connect two trees? I mean if I build a treehouse foundation on one tree and start building hanging bridges out towards the next tree I can only build 2 before stability stops me. And then what? How do you do this?

For example using sandstone pillars for intermediate support (you can build them from the outermost point downwards).

If mods are an option, then Pythagoras Support Beams might be of interest - they should allow you to build the bridges as long as you need, without requiring additional pillars - it would mean having visible beams on either side of your bridges, but the insulated wood ones could look quite good, although maybe a more sturdy appearance than what you were looking for.

Alternatively, LBPR-Additional Features includes a longer (I believe 8 foundations) rope bridge - I think you would need the base LBPR mod as well (TBH I’ve never tried without…). And there may be other mods that could offer something of interest.

If mods aren’t an option, then I’m sorry, but I can’t come up with anything other than the pillars option as suggested by Muelee (or replace the pillars with stacks of foundations for a sturdier looking pillar).

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