Best way to play on servers?

Yesterday, I joined a private server and spent hours building up my first base. Today, that server is nowhere to be found. So, I joined an official server and, again, played for several hours to build up a base. Then, suddenly, it started kicking me off within 10 seconds of logging in. I logged in several times, hoping it would work, but this just caused me to lose all my stuff and reset to the desert. At present, I can’t play online at all.

What gives? What are other people doing to play the game successfully without having to start over every couple hours?

Try looking for a non-official server with some kind of signs of permant presence - like a good website, discord channel with activity, etc. That worked for me. If they have a permanent website and some kind of community activity on it they are less likely to just disappear without a trace.

Also make sure you use the “favorites” feature for the servers you use.

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