Best weapons in game

Everyone knows Yogs touch is the best axe in the game, theres also the reach of the red mother, both very rare. Its interesting how the game offers hundreds of weapons but only 2 weapons are desired amongst players.

Im sure most players would like to use other axes or other bows in the game its too bad the rest dont measure up.

My suggestion is the following.

Instead of dropping Sword of crom, drop a weapon mod called Blessing of Crom that can be applied to a 2 handed sword that will give the weapon that stats of a sword of crom.

Instead of dropping Yogs touch. Give us a weapon mod called Yogs touch that can be applied to any axe in the game.

Etc. Etc. Maelstrom should also be included, reach of the red mother.

This would add a whole new aspect to fights and loot. Unique weapons.

I hope you consider this. You are giving us many weapons that we have no reason to use in a fight.


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