Better rounding of the stats/perks


Currently, at least for Pvp, the top stats are str, vit, and grit with a tiny bit of encum for armor. Agi builds are making a presence but again always for vit in the mix and some str. Why must the stats be so statically weighted toward pve or to pvp? A major part of the issue is the perks.
Can someone please explain how Impervious is a vit perk as opposed to a survival perk as it clearly makes a directly connection to surviving the effects of the elements?
I see some rounding attempted in the perks with Iron-hard muscles for grit but nothing really like that for survival though this perk would have made more sense in encumbr, but that still wouldn’t correct the imbalance of stats/perks of Str, Vit, and to lesser grit always winning out on pvp servers. Bronzed Physique is a good perk though too bad it rarely sees the light of day as it is a 5 perk in Survival so it can’t be “offspecced” from a standard Str, Vit, Grit build. The same happens to Antidote of One at the number 4 spot.
Here are some ideas for perks:

  1. Impervious goes to survival at atleast the 4 slot of perks.
  2. Salting the Wound perk goes to Accuracy as capacity to strike strategic wounds would require this trait of stat.
  3. Honestly Fierce Vitality needs renamed and moved to 4 or 5 slot of Survival as this is a very powerful and sought after perk and would strongly encourage people to break the mold in stat builds just with this perk alone.
  4. Change Deflection in the Encumbr perks to a perk that removes or reduces Stam loss while over-encumbered or maybe just bake this into the current perk.

The bottom line is was it intentional to have certain perks/stats be pvp ones or did it just evolve into that?

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