Better wells made of different stone types

I’d love to see new small-medium sized wells made in various types of stone, rather than just the sandstone version, made to be… prettier… and match the various kinds of buildings you can have like the Aquilonian white stone or black ice etc buildings… and better large wells in general, that thing seriously needed stairs…

I remember someone mentioning fountains, which would be nice… I would immediately set out to build a hyrule castle town-esque area for myself, but it has always sort of bugged me that you only ever get a single type of well regardless of how high you level, especially with dlc packs adding so much new stuff.


10 out of 10!
Would love to see a cultural version of at least the small well, too! Maybe we can get something post hoc for existing DLCs?


That, exactly.
I may just be kind of a sucker for nice things…
Or OCD about everything matching nicely…

But there are a number of things I’d love to see added just for the sake of building really nice settlements/towns/castles/structures to make them look like they should when the builder has become essentially the most powerful/important/wealtjy person in the exiled lands and has the means to improve everything…

Amen to that! Let’s see cobbled walls and maybe some street/pathways…

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DLCs covering these things would be really nice.
Like one DLC for environment (trees, grass, bushes), one for paths (cobblestone, stone “fences”, primitive lanterns in the same style of these walled lanterns), one for infrastucture (wells, elevators, wheels?)…
Those things.
Currently mods fill that spot.
Oh another thing:
DLCs covering sets of colorable wooden and stone building pieces. Eating 5-10 colors per piece.

If youre a bit OCD Amavari, then you really do (or dont…) need to check out my observations I made of the map. It is in a ps4 thread titled ‘Map Cosmetic/Visual Bug, or No…!?’

I agree to pay a bit of extra money (10-15%) for upgrading my DLCs with according wells, elevators and double doors as well!

Frankly, I would pay good money just for a dlc pack with some different, enhanced or otherwise nicer versions of our existing in game items…including the well.

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