Beware of new DLC armor

Apparently you can freeze to death while logged out in the new DLC armor. Bravo funcom, bravo. WTF dies when they’re not even in a game …only funcom

That was an issue on ark too. It also makes sense just because you go to sleep doesn’t mean the cold wouldn’t effect you. You need to stay warm.

Always take your clothes off before you log out- problem solved

why have to workaround everytime a patch comes out? Tired of doing the workarounds…

Dying whilst offline to temperature extremes whether it be heat or cold is regularly brought up in the forums … as our unconscious bodies stay in the game we are subject to the temperature affects where we logged out, however our attributes and armor do not continue to protect us when we are unconscious & logged out … hence players log back into dead avatars.

Honestly the safest way is to be in a temperature-neutral area in temperature-neutral clothing, inside a sealed building you own when you log out.

This isnt a work around. You take your clothes off to sleep inside a home.

I just logged out in the winter zone in a T3 home and im not dead when i login.

Location of home? C13

If attributes fail to protect you in your sleep then that is a problem it isn’t like those go away while your asleep. But dying to weather effects should not change even when sleeping.

It’s possible to die from frostbite on the starter river. (in the desert) because of the debuff nature of the whole temperature system. Most of the map requires you to wear combinations of heat and cold to actually create a balanced temperature. Cimmerian and Warlord when dealing with the new DLC as an example. Hyperborean and Pictish for the Frontier. Both examples assuming you are trying to create an attribute based set.

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