Beyond Salvation - 18+ (Text Chat RP)

SERVER NAME: Beyond Salvation - 18+


LOCATION: Hosted in North America. The majority are from North America, several EU.

HOW TO JOIN: Read the rules, request full permissions from admin for server info.

The lands that lie beyond the ominous green barrier teem with life - those of innocents forced into a life they never desired and others that hold ill intent, keen on taking what they please, no matter the cost. Little is known of the exiled lands to those that are fortunate enough to remain free of the barrier’s restraint. However, the one thing that remains consistent in every rumor or tale that springs from the mouths of the ignorant or informed: the souls trapped beyond the walls are beyond salvation.

Primarily based around Conan lore, we are a roleplay server that utilizes mechanical PVP, dice, or freeform RP to resolve conflicts and push the story! The server’s economy is directly based around the players with a little assistance from the admin created “camp” to get people started. Admins are creating plots on a group or individual scale to push stories and provide an engaging environment for players. Several of the admins hold multiple years as experienced DMs, allowing for optimal storytelling. As opposed to other servers, we are slower pace - meaning wipes are fewer and done only when absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide a server that can allow for long-term storytelling that is thrilling, comforting, or just plain fun - with a little hedonism sprinkled in.


  • Player driven economy
  • Kits for DLC content
  • Server Plots
  • Long-Term RP (Wipes only when needed)
  • Player activity determines growth and direction of admin towns

CONTACT: @ UberJazor (Discord) - Do not DM on Reddit.

MODS: https:// steamcommunity .com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2299683481

DISCORD: https:// discord .gg/rPV8XapTk9