Beyond the Road of Kings (RP strict REH lore server)

We are now on Season Six: Shores of Blood! We hope to see you there!

Season 5: The Throne of Shadows

Know O Prince, that in those times, to the north of Turan, between the shining Vilayet Sea and the eastern borders of Zamora, where the mighty mountains stood like a bulwark between east and west, and furtive, cruel hill tribes worshiped dark gods, there lay a wild, untamed hinterland. Here, perhaps more than any other land in the north, there were yet to be found the signs of the great civilisations that reigned supreme, before the waves swept over Atlantis, and wild, tawny haired barbarians threw down the devil haunted empire of Acheron.

Ruins stood there, the remnants of palaces and plazas and the tombs of long dead kings. And in those tombs were riches beyond imagining….

The rule of the pretender king, the cruel and despotic Ohrmuz, is at an end. His dreams of empire torn down by a band of rebels and loyal Turanians. In his place, a new satrap rules the most northerly province of Turan, the former Agha, Farrokh, now Farrokh Khan, loyal subject to King Yezdigerd. He has brought a measure of peace to the turbulent province, though only a fool would think that dangers are no longer to be found there. For dangers do abound, in the hills and valleys of the north, in the benighted alleyways of the lower city, on the shifting sands of the deserts to the south, and on the white capped waves of the northern Vilayet.

Within this newly forged, yet fragile, peace many vie for power. Some of those who supported the rebellion have found themselves elevated to positions in the court of the satrap, and opportunities present themselves to those with the skill, the charm or the guile to find favour with Farrokh Khan. And in the shadows there constantly lurk those with ambition and dark hearts, those who would take power in the ways most traditional in Turan, with poisoned winecups and keen edged daggers.

With peace comes opportunity of another sort. Treasure hunters travel into the high passes and towering mountains in search of lost tombs and palaces that may hold the riches of a forgotten age. Thieves prowl the rooftops of the upper city, seeking to steal the wealth of those who dwell in golden spired towers and opulent mansions. Bandits, many of them the dispossessed deserters from Ohrmuz’s armies, or the cruel Hyrkanians who served him, roam the forested valleys, searching for victims.

This is a dangerous land, but one where fortunes may be made by those bold enough to seize them…

So, what’s in it for you?

A bespoke RP dice system that focuses on dynamic characters and swift action resolution, written in a way that is deeply evocative of Howard’s work.

Although PVP is enabled we offer a unique system that takes advantage of mechanical PVP and/or dice based PVP.

Events may be mechanical PVE with staff members playing antagonists, they may be solely dice based or a mixture of the two.

An excellent suite of character customization, building and deco mods.
Our Modlist: Steam Workshop::Beyond the Road of Kings

City apartments! Don’t really love to build? Does the idea of living in the bustling city of Murun with its player and admin markets and numerous RP opportunities appeal? A lovely selection of apartments in small, medium and large sizes are available for those who would rather not build. Each apartment comes with a chest containing all of the excellent mini stations from Beyond Stations so you need not worry that you are cheating yourself out of a workshop! And now, in our 5th season, we have the Admin built more northerly city of Astanaphur. Smaller than Murun, nevertheless this charming outpost town on the water boasts a beautiful inn and tavern on the boardwalk, charming shops, a bath house, a garrison, bank and stables, a tiltyard and racetrack and even a Cimmerian area, a village within the town. Like Murun, you have three floorplans of homes to live in stocked with amenities.

Have you always longed to play a thief or treasure hunter, nicking jewelry, coin and other valuables from the homes of the wealthy or being the daring treasure hunter prying the fabulous jeweled eye from an ancient statue in a dangerous ruin? Always found the options of stolen loot being hundreds of rocks or iron bars rather ludicrous? On Beyond The Road of Kings, thieves steal actual valuables and sell their ill gotten gains to fences. We offer a unique system for thieves and treasure hunters that is both challenging and provides roleplaying opportunities for both thieves and their victims. This system is completely opt in. If you never want to be bothered by thieves you don’t have to be. But in addition to thieving opportunities among players there are also those created by staff.

With this season’s focus on courtly intrigue, the “friendly” rivalry between the cities of Murun and Astanaphur, murder mysteries, and group adventures you may fully immerse yourself whether you choose to play a Turanian noble, soldier, merchant or criminal member of Murun’s infamous Underground OR an adventurer from another nation come to answer the siren call of riches untold, mercenary work, or to stake your claim and establish your own estate under the rule of the far distant King Yezdigerd of Turan, you will find what you are looking for.

Server Location: Georgia, US
Dedicated server on physical server, not a virtual server, for better performance.
Server Capacity: 40
Discord: Discord
Text based RP
XP Rate x1
Players may choose to start their characters at level 1 or to receive an instant boost to either level 30 or level 60

Gathering Rate: 1.0
Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: No

Containers Ignore Ownership: No

Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: Varied. We have a good mix of European and US Players. Peak Times tend to be from 8pm UK time to 7am UK time


Beyond the Road is one of the best rp communities I have ever been apart of over the 5+yrs I have played this game. The admin staff and storytellers are accommodating within means, supportive, attentive, and often times go beyond the call for help. The members are equally supportive and engaging with a very active discord and game server that facilitates rp between NA and EU timezones. The NPC towns are phenomenally built, and even give you the option to purchase a pre-built apartment in the NPC cities or secure your own land out in the world to build your custom home. You definitely have to come out and give this server community a solid try. You won’t be disappointed!


So happy I found this server. A fantastic community of engaged role-players, a mélange of EU and NA, bringing this world alive.

Here you don’t play in the Exiled lands, you are no captive. You play someone out of the Hyborian world, all coming together on a place on the brink of war.

Intrigue, politics, mysteries, and conflict. Be prepared. PvP is Dice!

A lot of events and always people on the server around the clock.

Triggered? Join us and become part of this great adventure.

Peace and love! :heart:


If you’ve ever wanted to experience the intrigues of court life this is definitely the season of this server for you. If you enjoy smaller scale adventures with small groups of people exploring ruins and following treasure maps… this is ALSO the season for you! Whether you are a jaded Turanian noble… or a rough and tumble Cimmerian mercenary looking to make some coin… or a dancing girl trying to make her way in the city… or a shopkeeper or weaponsmith doing your best to make a living… or a thief on the prowl for unguarded trinkets and riches… this is definitely the server for you.

Our thieves rules are unique in the land of RP servers.

On BtRoK, thieves steal valuables.

With the addition of Shima’s Compendium mod we now have locks and lockpicks. You can find the knowledge scrolls to make them out in the world via exploration OR you may purchase them via a shady merchant you can find in the Underground. These locks can be placed on doors, gates, vaults and vanilla chests. They cannot be placed on modded chests and boxes. They also still work on vanilla chests if you shrink them using the pippi move tool. These are being introduced to allow players to opt in to the potential for thievery. If you place these locks in your build you are agreeing that it is possible to steal from you. But only from chests that have the locks on them. Any chest without a lock is safe. Though it should be locked in the conventional way. Anything in the chest may be taken by a thief who successfully picks the lock.

We use the SvS “loot” tokens to place in chests as the “valuable” items that may be stolen. Each loot item has a value which is the amount of pippi money it may be traded to a fence for. This is a base number and the final payout will be determined by your RP with the fence where dice may be used to determine the final amount. Say you have “Honeyed Words.” That would be a good thing to use in your conversation with the fence and may increase your pay out. Of course, roll badly enough and you may get very little or even nothing! And, of course, the possibility for PvP in these fence encounters always exists. Fences are played by members of staff who will create a single special NPC fence character. And you never know which fence you’ll get to deal with.

You may also find places where staff have used these locks. Objects in such chests will be a token that must be turned in to a fence from the Underground and will be paid for in pippi money. Payouts will vary depending on the “value” of the token. Those locations may be an existing area in Murun or Astanapur, a staff created “dungeon” that may be a ruin, an ancient temple, or even added to the shipwrecks and underwater ruins. They may or may not have hazards around them or adversaries guarding them. Once such a location has been successfully looted it may disappear entirely or be “restocked” some time later. These are not things that will always reappear on a fixed schedule, a thief’s life is an uncertain one!

To see the fence you’ll need to put in a ticket and that meeting will be RPed out with a member of staff. The point of theft is always to produce more RP rather than the acquisition of “stuff.”

So come delve into the shady world of thieves and fences, pit fighting rings, and illicit trade!

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