Bichos de fase atacando construções de jogadores


Bichos de fase atacando construções de jogadores

Globinóides e outros bichos de dugeons estão atacando construções de outro jogadores , são bichos normais de fase eles nascem atacam e quebram tudo o que vê de construções.

Stage bugs attacking player constructions

Globinoids and other dugeon animals are attacking other players’ buildings, they are normal phase animals they are born attack and break everything they see from buildings.

there is purge, so yes if purge happens they are supposed to do that.

i am guessing you are playing in a non modded official server?

Hey @anonimo,

Can you share more information regarding this issue?
Were you playing on an Official server? Which number?

Can you send us a screenshot of the exact map location or the coordinates where you noticed their attack?

Thanks in advance.

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