Big avatar and little avatar

I suggestion to add a new opportunity for religions. This is a call of little avatar that has a small size (like a big boss), has more time (3-5 minutes or give health to the avatar until he or the player is killed), high speed and different possibilities (rock climbing, light attack, heavy attack, etc.). A small avatar requires less resources, doing less damage than a big avatar. A player can make only one little avatar for himself, until the player dies or avatar. A little avatar does not require a lot of resources and not need sacrificed of priest. For big avatar everything remains the same. You can only add aoe attack.
It will be something like magic. If you made a big avatar, you can make a small avatar. I think it will be fun in pvp and pve (in a fight with the bosses).


Gods are cruel and demanding. They want your full devotion and attention, your flawless stand for them. They expect sacrificies worthy of their name and when they choose to display their power… they want it to be displayed. No god in Conan universe would want his avatar to appear weaker than others.
Minions on the other hand, not controlled by player directly but rather in a form of creature thralls. That is a different, easily explainable story.

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I think it’s possible to make such little avatars if you kill thralls with name or players. Also need will to get are other ingredients.

Maybe giants will fulfill this purpose. I think the trailer for the Frozen North showcased a giant breaking down a door. (at 47 seconds)

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