Big bug, and one Illegal clan

Exile Conan is a very interesting game,including team PK, attack the city.

However, some long-standing bugs seriously affect the fairness and playability of the game, and some tribes abuse these game mechanisms, which brings serious burden to other players.

Yesterday, we found a tribe abusing the game mechanism.


Official server: 6201

Tribe Name: to

Part of the tribal personnel list: 天涯, yoyo, 小城

They built a sky city, up to 2000 foundation heights. But strangely, there was no support at the bottom of their house. In this way, dozens of vaults are flying in the air, and normal players can’t attack their houses at all. In other words, they were immune to all attacks, including the gods.

Their house is above the sky above an island on map N11.

We hope the Admin can deal with this matter as soon as possible.

This is a old bug 1 that most ppl don’t know about so how it works is you build all the way up to where every you want build. Expand out with ceiling tiles then cover the ceil tiles with rugs if you need more space than that you can continue on as much as you want then you build vaults on top of the rugs place a bed roll on top of one of the vaults then demo the suport structures the the rugs are not part of the building and the vaults hang on the rugs… They still have decay timers and can be raided but finding them is hard. Also if it is out of rendor distance they just sit there and wont decay. I thought they fix this but maybe not…

You will have to send Funcom a DIRECT MESSAGE with all the details: