Big chest 600 000 pv

hello, I came across some big chest with 600,000 hp, we even put one down with 600,000 we don’t know how I come to you to know if someone has an explanation or if it’s a bug? thank you

I believe you are talking about a ‘vault.’ These are primarily meant to be used in PvP as a safe place to store your valuables and they have an enormous amount of HP so they are not easily destroyed by rival PvP players. It is not a bug, however it is also not very useful in PvE. Happy hunting. :beer:


thank you for your answer but that was not my question i am a pvp player but my chests have 150,000 hp and others have 600,000 hp my question is how to make the one with 600,000 hp?

Sorry, I misunderstood. You labeled the thread PS4, so I can assume no mods are being used. You are also saying both the 150k and the 600k HP chests look identical? That sounds like a bug. You also said that you have made this chest before but now you can’t reproduce it? I would report it as a bug, but without being able to reproduce it, Funcom can’t fix it.

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Unfortunately with the limited amount of detail in your post I don’t think you’ll get the answer you desire. SS of the chest you’re talking about and one with a repair hammer showing the HP might help someone identify the issue or help you in regards to what it might be. A vault does have 150k, I am unsure if with the new Thralls you can boost that. 600k seems excessive.


Edit: After some digging around it is as I suggested above. You’re saying “chest” but it is the vault. They’re crafting them with a particular Thrall to boost durability. I am not aware if this is intentional or not.


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Here is the chest in question, we do not know if we did it or if we recovered it during a raid. We obviously thought about the new thralls but they all have 150,000, so that would be a bug? Thank you for your answers

Edit:sorry to be new i can’t insert picture

with which?

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Now look what you’ve started @Zeb :joy:
A IconCarpenterBuilder.pngBuilder provides maximum durability of any crafted item.


Howwww, dare you……


Maybe it’s a Entertainer Thrall. Toss that on the bench and it creates placeable jokes.


Are you talking about the Eldarium chests from the Isle of Siptah DLC?

no, I’m talking about chests like in the photo of zeb those that we make in the craftsmen’s table

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It is a visual bug we had on PC as well. It was introduced after Funcom’s attempt to fix the 0 hp bug. Upon testing, it should take the same amount of bombs to destroy the 600k vault as the 150k one. Furthermore, some players will see the vault as 600k and some as 150k. I think we even figured out when you will see it as 600k but I don’t remember the details anymore.


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