Big Game Mounts

Hi there,

it would be awesome of we had more mount types in future, Rhinos, Elephants and Camels are pretty nice looking prospects


Well there is hope :slight_smile:

Funcom did a great work with horses and mounted combat <3 shooting the bow facing backward while in full gallop. Just love mounted combat

I will gladly buy a DLC’s with new mounts like the Rhino, Elephant, Camel maybe Tigers :tiger2: + some armor for them Please <3 Saddles do give armor right?

Like most players I have enjoyed having Mounts (ie-Horses) in the game. Although I am beginning to long for a handful of alternate mounts. I think that Camels should definately be a given, and make the transition to Mounts. Elephants could work too. Because of these animals having been used as actual mounts, and utilised in battles on a historical level, I feel that they would compliament the game while adding to the immersion.

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