Big lag Issue, since last patch

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Having big lag issues since the last patch. I’ve never had this issue before. It makes the game unplayable. I love the game & don’t want to quit playing.
I’m using a PS4 (slim)
My wifi can be slow at times but never had issues before. Can you give me options ie: lower graphics or something for those in rural areas where super fast internet isn’t available.

Or did we just build too big? We are in a clan & 4-5 of us all have a base in one area?

Please help!

Game suggestions

P.s. Have issues where people walling off resources or l joined a new pve server & there’s no where available to build or even put a mat down? Will you make more pve servers or do a wipe soon?

P.s.s. Need more slots in the wheel & weapons that will work as a torch that work in water too.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just happens randomly on & off, not constant

Hello @shareB, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community!

Are you playing Online or in Cooperative?

If you’re playing cooperatively, please be aware that, since the game session is not being hosted in a dedicated server but instead by the player who owns that session, it won’t be able to handle as much stress and building pieces as an online server.

Also, are your friends experiencing similar issues?

Regarding your other questions, there are a few ways of dealing with claimed areas even in PvE servers, so we encourage players to deal with such things themselves.
Any feedback is welcome and we’re always taking note of any suggestions or concerns shared, but its preferable if you open a separate post for that in either the General Discussion or Suggestion boards.

And what exactly is the way to deal with this? I have a landclaim issue where non of the dev Team answered to about my questions regarding landclaim radius and why my landclaim doesn’t matter to the other clan where they still can build inside my landclaim. Landclaim radius issue
Since you can’t damage there building you only could try to reason with those people. Didnt work in my case. I kindly informed them and they told me they didn’t want to bother me and they move their building somewhere else. They didn’t. but what now?. Asked them why they lied to me about moving the house. Didn’t got an answer. Brought Rotbranch up there and wiped their pets and thralls. Still no response from them. So seems this was on purpose to piss me off as they obviously don’t care about that building and their pets

Among the few ways there’s diplomacy, and when that fails luring NPCs there or a Purge can also work. Please be aware that we know this is not ideal and that all feedback gathered regarding this situation matters and is forwarded to the developers for further consideration.

Also, apologies for not getting back to you on your original post, we’ll do so right away!

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