Big non harvestable rocks getting removed by building?

Please look carefully at the 2 images below, they are taken from same spot and direction at the big lake with an island between Sepermeru and oasis of Nekhet.
You will soon notice that some of the big non harvestable rocks that normally is part of the environment seems to disappear when placing building parts.
The worst part about it is that my character is having a hard time walking where they used to be, I can get pushed into the air floating or pushed to some of the sides.
It is as if the game tries to tell me that these rocks sometimes are still there, but invisible.
The disappearing of big non harvestable rocks also happens in other areas, so it isn’t an isolated case

Is this supposed to happen?

Just noticed that these same rocks did not disappear in singleplayer when placing foundations near them as they did on the official server I play on, however in other places non harvestable rocks can disappear in singleplayer too, it seems random to me :face_with_monocle:

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