BIG problem with the hunger system removal (changed to log in activity)

this is a REALLY good reason why i was totally against the removal of the hunger system over PVE.

as you can see, a base decayed, the thralls are still there, in the past after 7 to 10 days (timer was a bit wonky) they die and dissapear, allowing people to build, with the removal of the hunger system , and without the need of feeding them to keep them alive, they will always remain there as long as a clan owner logs in somewhere . this opens a new posibility of griefing. build a foundation, put a thrall in it, let foundation decay, and boom, the thrall stays there , no allowing people to build, in that location.

feeding them with honey was not a burden, and kept areas relatively clean,. right now its just spelling trouble, as people can use it for not so good purposes.

@Community how exactly are we going to deal with this problem?

thank you.


Nice catch 22 you found. sometimes the simple stuff skips thru during developing.
Yeah, they probably need to put both back in. Which ever comes first will have the thrall die. They don’t log in for 2 weeks, all thralls die. don’t feed them, they die after hunger kicks in.

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having the two systems is not redundant? if you need to feed them , whats the point of loggin in to refresh ? if they have no food they will simply die.

quite honestly i dont see the problem of feeding them with honey. its easy to make. and keep everytingt in order. (just my 2 cents)

The way it was stated by Jens, was that becuase honey canlast forever, the thralls of abandoned bases/players were not despawning. That and the LOD caused them to bug and not start decay process of hunger correctly. So they tied it directly to player log in no matter where. So if i decide to move to the snow, they may not despawn at the old ares (lets say mounds) if i log in. The base will decay if i don’t “visit” it during the week, but the thralls reset every time i log in. So haveing the hunger system would be a back up, if i don’t feed them ,they will die.

For grieffing purposes, one could get a bunch of T1 archers, place aon 6 high towers, and let the tower decay, leaving a floating archer for annoyances.

gotcha. then i agree ! they need to bring back the hunger system, and use both .

Hey there

Our team is aware of the issue that makes thralls stay in the air when the foundations below them decay and they’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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its not only that…

if they are left to remain there , you wont be able to build anything as you cant land foundations where they are standing.

and the owner does not need to feed them anymore, just logs in. meaning a formula for griefing… in PVE. you guys need to bring back the hunger system!.

about the flying thralls that was actually fixed during 2018, may i ask why fixed things , are broken again?

t hank you.

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