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**Bug, good morning, inhavr been unable tô play on oficial servers for almost two weeks, especially where i played, 3985, due tô the same character being bugged, the screen is locked, i left more than two hours and the game did not work, Just hangs, bugged. Already tested the internet and It is good, 200 megs, already deleted and reinstalled the game, even so, still hangs the oficial servers, and strange that private servers is working correctly. Please kindly solve the above problem.

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Nota response and not solution problema? Aff

Hello @ZINCROFF, welcome to the forums!

We’ve looked into this server and there seems to be no issue, it has an active player base as well.

There were some issues regarding LATAM servers that were solved in the past week, are you still having problems joining any of them?

Todas this server ok, but i nota gaming Very time, 3 weeks this server bug for me, but todas, 08/08, ok, Thanks desbug

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