Big with thrall and dead in our base in the BED

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [SERVER 3050 - EU]

We played on the server 3050 and my clan leader had some big problems since the last update.
We had a beam -her name was Iona- she was at level 20 my clan leader Toberot put stuff in Iona and she followed him. He would build something. He was at the elevator and Iona stand at the end of the elevator. After he arrived the end of the elevator he saw that Iona was dead. She didn’t fight or did something other. We lost a very great beam and we didn’t know why. Because at this point wasn’t an NPC.

That another problem. Toberot logged in today and he did in the bed in our base. He drunk and eat before he logged out. Everything was full with eat and Drink. In our base was no sandstorm or other things. It was not to warm or to cold. He think he fall at the log in process under the bed and died. I send a picture what we take it today.
How can he died in the base, at the log in process?


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Thralls are dying on elevator rides again. I would take everything they are carrying put on guard. Then call to you. Slow but safer. Funcom knows about this
Death bed I don’t know check for a heat or cold source about or below bed. Nice building. @Turgron

Hi @Turgron, thank you for reaching out, we’ll forward the shared information to our team so that they can look into both issues.

@hugo Today we had the same problem. Our clan leader logged in and was dead. He take some photos please fix the problem. Or find the problem.

NEVER log out with gear on! Just NEVER.

Also what does the eventlog say? What was the reason he died?

You are right there That has been touted by a lot of people. I suprised people aren’t taking that route. @jot29

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The event log only say he died. But not how.

oh… Thats strange. Normaly it should say the reason why. Looks/sounds like a bug.

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