Biggest waste of time

So I was exploring like in every new game see a platform on top of mountain so climbed up long way hard climb to ( was set up for fighting not climbing) get up there found four journal pages all talking bout how this guy makes wings to fly and that’s it so why even make sum thing up there if I can’t get the climbing boots recipe or at least a glide suit would not have ever care if it only glides for two seconds but why nothing ( Conan isles west side of map in the big mountain can see from south side ) please why was this added just to read four journal pages if not anything more lucrative or is this sumthing in the making what cause climbing is one of the best parts of Conan to me so why the big waste of time funcom

For lore purposes man! Helps with immersion and adds a bit of backstory and character to the game. I’d rather some journal pages than just stones :man_shrugging:

Also maybe check at the base of the mountain. If a guy made some wings there MAY be a corpse at the bottom :joy::joy:

I get lore but could have added at least the boots recipes and I checked dead body no wings no where just body and blood

Hell even the lore said he was brother to the climbing guy because it said he thanked he bro for teaching him how

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