Biggins’ Realm - Laid Back PvP/PvE Community featuring 3x Harvesting and XP, .5 Crafting and Thrall Breaking times, and 24/7 raid window

Looking for a fresh start?

Biggins’ Realm - Laid Back PvP/PvE Community featuring 3x Harvesting and XP, .5 Crafting and Thrall Breaking times, and 24/7 raid window.

North America - West Coast

Server Discord for more info:

Conan Exiles has a beautiful, engaging, and intriguing world to play in. PvP is NOT all there is to this game, and conversely PvE only goes so far. The truest experience of this game is to experience and make most of both. In order to do this, the PvP game cannot be scorched earth, and conversely there can not be so many restrictions on combat and raiding as to make those aspects boring, cumbersome, and flat out not worthwhile. Community rules for the game are intended to encourage players to experience the fullness of the game, whether a player wants to PvE, PvP, play for 16 hours a day, play for 16 hours a week, be a nomad, merchant, warlord, or whatever. This server will not be a fit for everyone, but it will be a good fit for many, as this server seeks to be for the casual PvPer who wants to enjoy the PvE elements of this world.

Server Settings:

  • 3x gather, 3x XP, decrease crafting and thrall training in half.

  • 24/7 PvP/Raid window

  • Purge level 5

    • Decrease number of actions required to trigger purge.

    • Maximum number of purges per day

  • 19 day to abandonment, 20 day to decay.

  • Avatars enabled.

  • 60 Slots, 20 player clan cap

Server Features:

  • Public Maprooms

  • PvP Arenas

  • PvP and PvE server events for loot

  • Random loot chests throughout the world

Basic Server/Community Rules:

  • Don’t be a dick. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.

    • Posted ZERO tolerance for racist language or actions, bashing others because of their ■■■, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be an ■■■.
  • Fair warnings will be given to people who seem to be causing unhealthy community conflict. An example of fair warning; if there is a dispute between parties that is resulting in the community getting agitated, then admins will pull parties aside, point out the situation and what it is doing to the server, and offer the players opportunity to set their egos aside and move on for the sake of the community.

  • Abuse of in-game mechanics/toxic behavior will be dealt with swiftly. One warning will be given to knock it off, and further violation will result in a ban.

    • Examples include but not limited to:

      • Foundation spamming/blocking passageways

      • Walling off another person’s base

      • Walling off obelisks

      • Blocking valuable resource nodes, either by walling off the area or preventing them from spawning

  • Base wiping will be frowned upon, but allowed (Avatars are enabled after all). Some base designs just require widespread damage. Repeated trolling of another player by repeated base wiping/daily raiding will not be tolerated.

    • Be a good sport and give your fellow players a reprieve. If you base wipe someone in good fun, lend them a hand by leaving them alone for some time. Having a healthy PvP community requires player retention. No one likes to receive a daily beatdown.
  • This is a PvP server. Getting your teeth kicked in is going to happen. Be a good sport and take your licks in good spirits. We are a community and will help you bandage your wounds.

  • Trash talking permitted. Being a toxic troll is not. Yes, there is a difference. Be a good sport about it.

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Vouch here for Biggins. Played with him in early access on official 616, started as bitter enemies. As time and our little war progressed, our groups ended up becoming friends. While we still both lost structures and the heat of the war was on, but through that, we had a blast. If you feel that the conquest and the stuggle is more fun than the annihilation of each other, I’d recommend anything he’s running over anyone else.

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This server is a lot of fun.

Many of the players on this server came from very active official pvp servers. Over time though life/work reduce the amount of time one can spend in game. So this server was made for those that cant be on 24/7, without going too far extreme with gather rates, crafting rates, & ect. These rates are bumped up just a bit more than an official servers. Give you that feeling that when you build something, craft something, or raid something it is still valuable.

Everyone so far on this server seems very friendly and are willing to help.

This server is less than a week old so there is plenty of free space for you to call home. I suggest if you are looking for a fresh start with friendly people that offers community events, pvp, & fun come join in.

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PvP Arena Event happening this Saturday. Check into discord for more event info. Plenty of time between now and then to hit level 60 with boosted xp. Come join us!

This server is coming along great! If you are looking for a mature server with a laid back attitude with some server events weekly this is the server for you!

Solo players or groups welcomed!

Come check out the server!

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Great server fun times to be had!

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