Biggins' Realm PvP/PvE

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Conan Exiles has a beautiful, engaging, and intriguing world to play in. PvP is NOT all there is to this game, and conversely PvE only goes so far. The truest experience of this game is to experience and make most of both. In order to do this, the PvP game cannot be scorched earth, and conversely there can not be so many restrictions on combat and raiding as to make those aspects boring, cumbersome, and flat out not worthwhile. Community rules for the game are intended to encourage players to experience the fullness of the game, This server will not be a fit for everyone, but it will be a good fit for many, as this server seeks to be for the casual PvPer who wants to enjoy the PvE elements of this world.

= Basic Server/Community Rules:
-Don’t be a dick. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.
-Posted ZERO tolerance for racist b***s***, bashing others because of their ■■■, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be an ■■■. Fair warnings will be given to people who seem to be causing unhealthy community conflict. An example of fair warning; if there is a dispute between parties that is resulting in the community getting agitated, then admins will pull parties aside, point out the situation and what it is doing to the server, and offer the players opportunity to set their egos aside and move on for the sake of the community.
-Abuse of in-game mechanics and toxic behavior will be dealt with swiftly. Examples include but not limited to:
Foundation spamming/blocking passageways
Walling off another person’s base
Walling off obelisks
Building floating bases or vaults
Blocking valuable resource nodes and thralls
-Use of Fence Foundations to create grid/honeycomb walls is prohibited.
-Trolling of another player or clan is unacceptable.
-OFFLINE RAIDS PROHIBITED. Any raid must commence only while the opponent is online. Raiders may continue raid even if opponent logs off.
-Be a good sport and give your fellow players a reprieve. If a player or clan gets hit hard, lend them a hand by leaving them alone for some time. Having a healthy PvP community requires player retention. No one likes to receive a daily beatdown.
-This is a PvP server. Getting your teeth kicked in happens. Be a good sport and take your licks. We are a community and will help you bandage your wounds. Trash talking permitted. Being a toxic troll is not. Yes, there is a difference.

= Server Settings:
-Pippi mod
-3x gather, 3x XP, decrease crafting and thrall training in half.
-landclaim setting to .4.
-24/7 Raid window (this is to allow for events).
-Purge level 6. Decreased number of actions required to trigger purge. Maximum number of purges per day
-No Decay
-Avatars will be enabled.
-40 Slots, 10 player clan cap
-buildings/bases appearing to be abandoned are subject to admin wipe.

= Server Features: ongoing
-Public Maprooms
-Public PvP arenas Neutral location for friendly duals
-Pippi Kits
-Pippi Thespian merchants - buy good stuff from the admins!
-Random loot chests added throughout the world with high-value items such as: Valuable resources (star metal, dragon powder, etc) High tier weapons and armor Unique thralls
-Raiding events Admins will create bases intended to be raided by the community. The contents of the base will include rewards.
-More to follow…