Biggins' Realm - Siptah

Looking for a chill place to play PvE but have the option to get some combat in? Come join Biggins’ Realm - Siptah!

The focus of this server is casual PvE-C play focused around the original Conan content. This is to be a laid back community, and cooperative play is encouraged (though not required). PvP is acceptable of course, but repeated targeting of another player or clan that borders on the lines of trolling is of course not what this community is about. Poking your neighbor should be fun - don’t be a bully.

Basic Server/Community Rules:
-Don’t be a dick. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.
-Posted ZERO tolerance for racist bulldung, bashing others because of their ■■■, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be a backside.
-Abuse of in-game mechanics and toxic behavior will be dealt with swiftly.
-Trolling of another player or clan is unacceptable.

Server Settings:
-Mirrors official server settings.
-Pippi mod for server management.
-Hosav UI mod

Fun server, been on it since the first week of Siptah. Everyone is laid back and willing to help. But dont keep your stuff out in the open or some straggler will come pick your white horse, GIVE ME BACK SNOW WHITE YOU HEATHENS!!!

Joking aside, come hang out, lots of places to build still and everyone is still learning the new stuff.

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Outstanding server. Stable, only 2 very light mods (a UI mod and Pipi just for admin convenience), otherwise it’s vanilla. Admins are hands-off unless something goes drastically wrong, at which point they will help. There is NO griefing tolerated…PERIOD. No racism. No bashing. Just a fun server where you can enjoy ALL aspects of the game and still get your PvP on

Fun server, outstanding admin! No harassments, no cheaters, just fun and we are able to learn everything there is to learn about Siptah! Come join us and get your PVP on!

Great group of people on this server! If you are looking for a solid pve-c server look no further!