Bindings abuse in PvP as well as other game breaking stuff

To unequip a weapon to animation cancel, run to give yourself space in PvP is fair game but at least you have to go through equip animations, however double tapping bindings in your hotbar (leather, fiber etc) to cancel equip animation is far too much not to mention this completely breaks PvP, allowing to insta-attack on a whim. As a suggestion to fix this, bindings should be moved to main hand to stop this abuse.
Now as a secondary issue; spears - still meta, still boring, still has that buggy hitbox, there is too much reward, not enough risk.
Thirdly; daggers double applying poisons. Whether it’s the single light attack or the heavy attack, each strike delivers two applications of poisons - this is not correct math and also breaks PvP. Not to mention the ridiculous hyper armor. Daggers were meant to be a means of delivering quick attacks and get out, not a full on brawl (especially when they have the backflip).

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