Bingo Cola (The Mysteries and Questions I have)

I know many have dismissed the idea that Bingo was intrinsically connected to the Filth before John, but there are things that make me pause this thought.

For one thing Fear Nothing was giving out the Cola before John, so ergo they knew something. This brings me to strange theories it also connects Sycoil Oil, I notice the Filth likes both for whatever reason. Ignoring the view John made the Filth like Bingo Cola as that does not explain why Fear Nothing gave everyone it.

Perhaps Bingo Cola and Sycoil Oil are somehow sterilized agents of Filth in the sense they are Filth changed in a way that they become safe, mostly. Now my connection with Bingo Cola is stronger than Sycoil, but I have a theory what if Fear Nothing was making the kids ingest it to become potential Filth bomb’s they still need activation but the right person could do it.

Not to mention people are less likely to judge children. Now we know Fear Nothing is dead, that being said they obviously wanted the kid’s to drink Bingo Cola for a reason and my idea though no proof does make sense why they chose Bingo Cola and not Zagan Cola.

To add to this Rum notices the Filth is attracted to Bingo Cola and makes the off-hand comment ‘perhaps this stuff is not good for me.’ now that could be taken multiple ways. But I think Bingo Cola was bad before John.

I think Orochi may have known about the Filth long ago and tried to use it, and even did sterilize it and noted it was addictive.

As I said all this is theory based, but it’s something that I felt does connect.


You should remember/check that different strains of filth have been observed, and earlier than just during the Tokyo events.
Tokyo may have been a main trigger for activation/reactivation of filthed “powered”/unstable places, but it didn’t seem like the only one.
There are many filth sources, acting similarly, sometimes concurrent/hostiles (different forks of one strain? Various origin (one per engine(opposing force)/dreamer?)

There are several different timed events, environment and contexts to check (just a few, but I’m missing a lot of chronology between those):
Solomon island - Lady Margareth arrival (Sword awakening, Draugs getting back(Draug are associated with one specific strand of filth, present in the fog))
Solomon island - Filth barrels (Savage coast. Perhaps Tokyo produced filth. Not enough details)
Solomon island - Orochi pre-Tokyo boom (from underground: The mine/The engine/Mayan goal in the past, sealed with the sword)
Solomon island - Orochi post-Tokyo boom (patient zero brought there, for comparison?
Egypt - Orochi Prometheus researchs (bingo cola production, drink distribution among the staff) in the Ankh
Egypt - Cult of Aten (awaken by the researches?)

Filth seems to be at least a contaminant, and expression of breaking equilibrium, a medium to “Blood” (blood being opposed to Anima).

There is a relation between the filth and Bingo … definitly.

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And it’s name is aspartame?


Could the Tokyo Filth’s attraction to Bingo! have any connection to John’s Fear Nothing conditioning?


What if Bingo Cola is a catalyst? It basically improves the ability of a person to become filth infected.
Basically Orochi wanted to generate a stable source of filth test subjects so they introduced something that made infection easier possible faster.

That sounds a little odd, if anything it might be the other way around.
There is no way to resist Filth infection really, not for anything as far as we can tell, besides the Buzzing scarring your mind to prevent the mutation and Bees are still not technically immune to Filth infection. We just don’t know exactly how Bees are infected yet thanks to the teasing devs not telling. :stuck_out_tongue:
The mental component is very important but the amount of exposure and the kind of exposure is also important.
The people exposed to the Fog and Dr. Klein are the best examples of small amounts of exposure really.

Dr. Klein is probably the better comparison as he did microdoses over a long period of time and he claims to have built up a partial resistance to it as well as an addiction. Although the Filth clearly did mutate him and changed him. If anything his method might have made him change slowly for some reasons but we can’t really know that for sure.
So if microdoses of Filth could actually do that then if there were microdoses of Filth in Bingo Cola it would actually make them more resistant to the Filth rather than more susceptible to it by that logic, even though the end result is the same, albeit slower. And it wouldn’t really matter if exposed to enough Filth too quickly.

We know from the CDC camp in the Blue Mountains not to mention the Orochi missions there how fast an outright exposure to liquid Filth will change a human.
We also know that the people that were exposed to the fog are infected and are slowly changing although at a much slower rate compared to someone exposed to liquid Filth.
Heck, the Orochi even have a pretty decent timeframe on liquid Filth exposure to complete mutation ratio. So even with a built up slight resistance you’d still probably end up like everyone else.
On that note though, Dr. Klein does interrestingly enough deviate from this.
After the Ankh he falls into a big pool of Filth and not only does he come back to life but he is actually mostly intact, albeit with a few Filth tentacles and a somewhat messed up memory but he’s still mostly himself. Which would suggest that he does actually have some resistance against mutating completely.

If Orochi really were spiking Bingo Cola with microdoses of Filth then if anything, going by this, they were trying to make people resistant to a full Filth transformation. The question really is how ingesting the Filth compared to administering it in other ways might affect the speed of infection.
The amount is very important too seeminly, ingesting a large quantity of Filth would pretty much be counter productive… the Deathless are a good example of that. So it would have to be a small enough dose over a long enough period of time to get the same result as Dr. Klein did.
You’d still be Filth infected sure but given the options, if all else fails at least if the mind could be preserved in a Filthy new world that would be something, no? Microdoses to the people! :stuck_out_tongue:

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One issue I always had with filth is how infective it is and how easy it seems to spread but how it took the filth up till now to bubble to the surface. I mean areas like the roman bath are open since AGES and no major outbreak happened.
What stopped the filth from going rampant ages ago? It’s like we miss a key factor in why the filth got more active and infectious in recent times and suspecting that bingo or any other form of katalyst just kicked it into overdrive is I feel not so far fetched.
That doesn’t mean I suspect Bingo to contain filth but something that increases how the body absorbs filth.

“It’s a cancer! Cancer doesn’t think…”

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Don’t forget, The Black Plague was a filth event, thanks to Herr Doctor Klein for that info.

It’s right there at the beginning of the game. Someone blew a hole in reality with a Filth bomb. The Buzzing talks about how damaging that event was to time and space in the lore from Nassir’s mission chain.

Specific to the Roman Baths, they aren’t far away from where someone else opened a mountain in one moment and ended up letting something through. It’s visible as an aurora over the Breach, nevermind what’s inside it.

So, yeah, something happened recently to kick everything into overdrive. It’s the end of the world as we know it! People are busy knocking holes in the world—what comes from Outside is bound to react to that. Soda or no.

Here we have the proof that the theory that Coca-Cola and hell are bound is true :rofl:

Ever filtered a can of cola. I did that in university chemistry. You got a black sludge that looked a lot like filth and water. XD


The concerns about Bingo Cola are disturbing.

Fortunately my character drinks a different brand, and consequently, is sure that things will be OK…

After ignoring the suggestion of getting a pocket mirror I have this to say… Italic mirror writing is a little hard to read…

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Found a little detail: Bingo existed in 1966 (and possible before that). Orochi predates that by being created 1949…if Bingo is some evil masterplan by Samael than it’S definitly the long game.


Oh boy, I have a lot to say on this subject and not remotely the time away from my grad class to do so. :frowning:

First, I don’t think that Bingo! is connected in the way we think to the Filth. You’ll notice a billboard in Kaidan that also refers to “Sweetling Soda” which seems to be the Buzzing messing with us. On the mission we do use Bingo!.. it DOES attract filth. You’re correct about that.

But what also attracts filth? Why, Anima. Both the named character and the substance. What we know from a side mission added in Kaidan is that Orochi is -studying- Bingo… which implies they do not, actually, own it. This makes sense in the wider world of games as Bingo! is originally a company from a previous Funcom game and was added in as a sort of easter egg. Scriv actually once mentioned in an interview that they wanted to add a floor of Orochi studying Bingo in the tower, but it was just one of those things that scratched.

Also, when we had this debate on the forums before, there was a huge schism between those who insisted the Lore meant Bingo was a brand of Zagan and those who insisted Bingo was an independent brand. The main thrust of the argument was the Bees just weren’t bothering to distinguish and was using a ‘generic’ title (how we might call everything Cola). I didn’t agree - Bingo gave health back when you drank it in TSW, something that, you know, Filth has NEVER DONE to us. Quite the opposite. We lose health with even the tiniest bit of filth. To me, this ultimately makes me suspicious that, in fact, the makers of Bingo spiked it with a form of anima (synthetic or actual, I’m not sure… I’m also not sure on the moral ramifications of that). Then, we were vindicated when finally, for the very first time, there was actually a -Zagan- machine in the lobby of the tower. A new art asset that seemed to be created quite purely because the lore fanatics couldn’t stop bickering over whether Zagan and Bingo were separate.

So, Bingo attracts Filth because Filth wants to consume anima. What purpose is there in adding anima to a drink? Well, those who regularly drink Bingo in game (like Harumi) are particularly happy. Perhaps it acts as a natural high or energy booster? Isn’t that the same reason we want caffeine so much? This would be interesting to Orochi. Remember in TSW, we had anima-infused weapons (whip from the Train to Cairo mission, for example), one of which was gotten from an Orochi facility because they figured out how to speed up the process that we had to travel in time for with the whip to accomplish. This, on top of the Mistubachi’s portable wells, implies that Orochi is very interested in controlling anima as much as they can…as well as their disastrous results with trying to control the Filth.

This creates a very different narrative than Bingo! being inherently bad. Though, like, does infusing soda with anima somehow mean infusing it with life and thus mean that Soylent Green is made of People? I really don’t know. O.o But I think Bingo! has, until further evidence, been fairly vindicated in terms of being ‘bad’ itself. Filth isn’t attracted to Filth. Filth is attracted to the ‘stars’ it can consume… anima.


I’m pretty sure it’s just a commentary on how bad Soda is for you (IRL) and not that it has anything to do with Filth. The Filth just likes it.


I am in love with this thread.

Wondering if anyone here has played The Longest Journey, where I’m pretty sure Bingo first appeared? April Ryan was not a fan, and it always seemed at least a little sinister…but hardly world-ending. Maybe.


As a biotech grad, I can say that cancer cells grow quite well in buffered energy drink. Yes, we did a lot of “side missions” in the cell labs. That’s what happens when inquisitive minds get access to equipment >.>

This does not make the energy drink bad, it just means it has a lot of different nutrients that cells like.