Biome Ideas For The New Map?

So with the news of the new map going around I am pretty excited. I don’t know how much progress has been made or what the plans are for it but there are some biomes I would like to see.

Temperate Forest:

  • I know we have the forest up north but it is more of a cold pine forest and the area of it is quite small compared to how much space the desert and jungle areas take up on the original map.
  • It would have more deciduous trees rather than coniferous ones like in the forest on the original map.
  • Enemies could be similar to the forest on the original map with maybe some new ones like bobcats, foxes, and raccoons.

Bamboo Forest/Cherry Blossom Groves:

  • I think this biome would tie in good with the Yamatai and Khitan DLC packs.
  • I know we already have the jungle in the original which is somewhat similar but I think this would be an interesting thing to add.


  • In the original map we have tiny areas of Savannah but it would be nice to have a larger area of grassy plains.
  • This would be a good place for world bosses to take place because of the amount of space but also a good place for players to build.
  • Some enemies could be bison and maybe coyotes.

Overall I think I would like to see more green areas in the new map since most of the current map is desert and it gets old after a while. If anyone else has any suggestions or comments please add ideas!


I would like more civilization TBH, a big still mostly intact and inhabited city where you have to do something wrong before everything in a 70 mile radius develops a hive mind that s convinced you murdered it’s puppy and threw out it’s vintage comic books, would be such a nice change of pace,

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