Biome Repositioning

I believe Funcom should relocate the Savanna Biome in a future update for Conan Exiles. Instead of journeying west across an in-game desert, the Savanna could be positioned between the game’s Desert and Jungle region. Basically, this biome will now serve as the proper boundary zone with a sense of accuracy.

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The biology / geography of the Exiled Lands already don’t make a jot of sense. That’s okay, because:

[Story spoilers]: as the in-game story tells it, the Exiled Lands are basically the result/fallout after an ancient magical war: the sandstorm, for example, is magical.. It’s an elegant bit of storytelling that allows the necessities of the game mechanics to exist without completely invalidating the larger Hyborian World.

Yes, the jungle starts where the sandstorm ends due to Petruso’s pact with Dagon. I think the story is rather interesting, unfortunately it’s easy to miss if you don’t actively look for it.
Also I think moving a part of the map would be a ton of work, you basically have to change everything. Let alone a new map would require a complete server wipe for all servers.

Oh it’s completely insane, I’m just pointing out that it’s not even necessary, because there no “inaccurate location” to fix in the first place. It’d probably be less work to create an entirely new biome (which is probably not going to happen, either).

That is so sad. About the no new biome thing, what a missed opportunity seeing as how the northeast of the map literally looks like an empty, cut out section of the map that you can scroll over and what not. It even protrudes in all the way down to the desert like a passageway into the place.

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