Bison trophy, what tool gives a head?

I think I’ve killed and butchered at least 100 Bisons, but for the life of me I cannot get a Bison head to make a trophy :frowning:
I’ve been mostly using a starmetal cleaver, but also tried pickaxe, pick and axe with no result, am I missing something?

Btw playing on official server, so no mods :slight_smile:

That was what I figured as well, I asked a few on the server and none of them have been able to get a bison head so far, has anyone here been able to?

Ok went into singleplayer and spawned in 100 bison, and after that I spawned another 100 of alpha bison, none of them gave a head for trophy with a star metal cleaver, my guess is that it simply doesn’t work… Still :roll_eyes:

I reported this for the feral dogs a little while ago. It got kicked upstairs for further evaluation. So, they’re aware that despite recent patch notes, heads are not (ahem) rolling.

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