Bit harsh unannounced update?

Im logged in on a server with all my thralls hovering in mid air, and only walls left nothing else of 3 bases, only the gear i had on me before the - not complete wipe and buggyas fck incomplete update wich i had to download for 12 hours.

When i swim i look like a speedboat hovering above the water, and my following thrall got stuck in his - jumpoutofthe water- animation. Followed me hovering as an admin, just dissapeared, and was found in the original spot.

My character has found a way to make even more silly noises while executing basic tasks. What little stealth the game had is now completely gone.
(try jumping down a large wall to suprise your opponent…)

Above that the voice-set has changed to option 1, while it was jubilant.

But combat is great everyone says. Ok its still EA i know.

Servers are desolated, after a bit of testing around… what should one do… its almost 8 may…
If i wanted this - i would have gone to testlive.

Xcuse me i usually don’t rant , love the game since Feb"17 so ill live through it, but this update was kind of a bad idea or at least bad timed imo.

have a great day!