Black blood tools no longer provide any bonus

So in new testlive black blood tools provide no bonus at all… Why one should bother over them?

U killing game content…


Harvest rate and durability.

I don’t even use their bonus since I have eldarium pickaxe in my mix so I don’t rely on that +5 in my build but durability is definitely something I like in a harvesting tool. I hate wasting time repairing.


the effort to obtain them vs just durability? meh… i will revert to my eldarium or obsidian ones… besides the abudance of lrk s makes bb tools look obsolete now

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Oh I see. No the tools are not the effort, they are the icing on the cake. Black blood is the effort to farm the Jhil. Firespark and acidic arrows are the reason I go up there so that my guarding archers can do their thing.

Usually I am sitting on at least 3 copies of each tools after stocking my defenders with arrows.

(funny enough both of those are actually more difficult to obtain on exiled lands)

Black blood is a star metal alternative, not a BiS. Fight bird bosses for loot is easier than running the entire volcano, learning the recipe, and making composite obsidian


Am I missing something?

Black blood tools share the highest harvest along with eldarium and obsidian, have the best durability and the longest oil time.

They’re still very worth farming. BiS tool.


Only that some people have grown to rely on their +5 survival bonus and now think that it’s not worth farming them.

Personally, I disagree. Black blood tools are the highest tier when it comes to harvesting power, and the legendary durability is a huge plus. But that’s just my own personal play style.


I think the funniest part is people still can’t even process the fact survival doesn’t even exist anymore. What bonus were they hoping for, concussive damage? No items in the game give attribute points anymore, especially for a stat that no longer exists


On siptah they are no longer viable and not worth the effort. Exiled lands I still wouldn’t bother considering they aren’t considerably better and the only thing they had on the other options has now been removed.

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There’s only one other option in Exiled Lands, and that’s obsidian tools.

Considering that you have to do the Well of Skelos just to get the recipe, and then either putz around with the Volcanic Forge to craft composite obsidian or kill a bunch of NPCs until you loot enough bars, just the process of obtaining the tools is a pain in the ass.

On top of that, they break much faster than black blood tools, requiring either a constant supply of composite obsidian, or a much higher rate of consumption of repair kits.

To be honest, I’m a bit baffled by how much people seem to care for that +5 survival bonus that you get only when you’re wielding these tools, but to each their own. :man_shrugging:


It wasn’t just about getting +5 from a BB Tool. Combined with Mask of the Witch Doctor, Chestguard of Aura, Gloves, Leggings and Boots of Asura (+Elixer of Ingestion) a player could get to the 3rd perk (Hard Worker) and not have to spend any points in Survival to get to that perk. Now that Survival has been eliminated, this particular setup is worthless. Are they going to change the bonus attributes on this gear or just let it become “Legacy”?

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Most of our goto gear is going to be “worthless” because of the attribute redo. I had a similar set up except I used the shield instead of the tool way way back. But it’s all going to change. The PVP gear, our favorite weapons, how we do combat with and without thralls, how we build…I’ve been preaching this since the first dev stream…its going to be a completely new game and I think they learned a huge amount from previous CE in that complication isn’t a good thing.

So with that and the reports coming in from the general testlive audience, I would thrown stock in ash, blood, Yellow lotus and fridge space because we will not be able to significantly switch our characters around by going to the changing room. We’ll have the bestial memory it.

Composite obsidian is one of the easiest things in volcano… I craft em by thousands while watching utube while they r being crafted… The jhil boss on the other hand is quite boring…

I play on pve…i have 0 archers at my place … For pve firespark arrows are useless. Its a pvp thing (and i am ok with that ), there is no need for a pver to go in that cave anymore

On the contrary, as a PVE(-C) player, I can’t remember the last time I visited the Volcanic Forge, but I always go get black blood tools every time I’m leveling a new character.

It’s precisely because I don’t want to have to keep repairing brittle obsidian tools all the time or go screw around with the NPCs around the Volcanic Forge. I just use the black blood tools and repair them with legendary kits. :man_shrugging:

The potion is still bugged , recently i respec ed and it costed me my pride of aesir recipe…

Thank god no eldarium or delving recipe was lost…

They do not even know the problem (not even close to fix it) , yet they change everything forcing us to respec to test… Sad if u analyse their tactic from a bussiness model perspective

Brittle? Second only to bb tools in durabilty (which means its the best craftable durabilty tool)…

And as i said, legendary repair kits r easy AND i craft obsidian by thousands… Its easier than u think

Its that they change EVERYTHING and u cannot even see what they become… Not in the crafting sttation , not in the ui memu , not even in wiki and worst of all not even in patch notes… The only thing i do not blame here for their incompetence is the wiki as i know its is written and maintained by volunteers (cheers to u guys)

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Yes, brittle. Black blood has the base durability of 1500, obsidian has the base durability of 645, which is less than half of the black blood durability.

It’s not about it being hard. It’s boring and tedious. I spend some time upfront to get a full complement of black blood tools and never have to get them again. And I can use them for more than twice longer than obsidian tools before I have to repair them.

On the other hand, if I use the obsidian tools, I have to pay more attention to their durability, run home more often to get more repair kits, and in general keep faffing about with them more than with black blood.

Like I said, different styles. :man_shrugging:

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Wait, bestial memory is bugged as well? I thought it was only Yellow lotus.

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