Black blood tools no longer provide any bonus

Or extra harvesting per swing…

That would just be higher harvesting power.

Yup! Same equivalent we used to achieve with +5 survival

Getting the equivalent of a full attribute perk from one fairly easy to acquire item is a bit much.

A perk-quality bonus is something that would be more appropriate as a complete set bonus by wearing every piece from a special armor set.

I would approve of Funcom adding new sets to the game that gave all of the old perks (one at a time) as set bonuses.

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So if the bonus on bb tools is wrong, why it was not fixed in previous patches? Also why we still have pieces that provide a whole set bonus alone like aspect of the wolf from ios?

Edit: aspect of the wolf is also cheap to make AND craftable… While bb tools aint craftable

i don’t really understand the discussion. the perk is gone. the survival attribute is gone. but the item is still unique enough to have its place in the game. it has by far the highest durability. it’s in the top spot with the other two in terms of harvest power. depending on your playstyle and preference, you go with the obsidian variant or the black blood variant. the eldarium variant is only relevant on siptah. so every version has its purpose, no matter if there is +5 survival or not. changing the tool to compensate for the loss of a perk doesn’t really make sense. you could argue that from now on all tools have to get the effect of the perk. after all, the +5 survival of the tool wasn’t the only way to unlock the perk. from then on, even the last person should realize that it doesn’t make sense to argue in this direction.

edit: for me, this topic is over. no dialogue is desired and i can live with that.


Nope its not gone… Just moved under another “tab”…
U need to study perks a bit better

I recon u should not enter conversation at all… So bb m8.
Noone insulted anyone as i can tell, i just pointed out what u said. And i repeat : if u cannot understand the point of a conversation, then a good advice is not participating there…

As for things change, i do not understand why u think i mourn over the change. I just happen to dislike the nerfs we facing…
They could change and stuff be more awesome u know, like bringing rest dlcs on par with the ios gear (u know buff armour and weapon bonuses etc) or the vanilla game stuff on par with p2w dlc…

And a small secret… i have more than enough @ my base so no change will affect me. I will start new era with ALL legendary, ios gear and recipes , every armour and weapon already crafted, so for me it will be just a check and some tests to adapt (tbh i already downloaded testlive, tested the builds and gear and just waiting 3.0 to hit live for checking some small details)…

Its the new players that will suffer most, not me… Imagine someone farming for shield of zawbeth for the honus and done 10 times the sunken city to get pearls, just to find out that in new update has 0 bonus… Or someone having spent some dozens of hours for bb tools, witch doctor mask etc…
I wonder why fc fail to see this… They did it on every item was special… Cant they look the player perspective at all???

And a last clarification, i personally prefer to play a game that has unique and awesome things , and not just reskins with better durabilty… This is what made bb tools preferable… Not the fact that they have 1k durability… Sad they take uniqueness out of stuff…
And maybe u r super hyped to see sorcery that u bypass this fact , but i do not

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I mean that if u get offended over the truth maybe the net is not a place to be…

The answer was already given in the 2nd reply on the thread. Myself, never was interested in anything else then high durability and good out put.

Thank you Codemage for being simple once again when explaining why OP stated something on the same line with “Blunted Arrows are now worthless”. But then you have my old friends Jimbo and Testerle proving that old things never change :frowning:

Not everyone has 200+ hours on 3.0 For some, different things will come as a surprise. Your answers, just a “flex” with “i know better cause i have 200+ hours on 3.0”.

And the best one

Seems you’ve written much and read less. :frowning: You tried to adjust your claim afterwards but meh…Stop being a blind horse and have things looked from other perspectives also…
We always do not know what we are talking, but you do.
Let’s see, last time i “picked” up on you and send you to tend the sheeps, i got suspended. But you never got a warning :)))

As for my mod maker Testerle…You were just rude :slight_smile: Joined the dudes topic and 2 replies later you wished him well with his monologue…Good thing that you at least deleted your reply…

Not here to pick on anyone in particular, just that the these 2 guys need a “summer break” in Attitude…To bad i have not got enough “Authority”. One year later and same old on these forums…sad.


This is so wrong. They are at the same harvest rate as obsidian, higher than star metal.

They have the highest durability and are perfect for oil of bounty applications because of the long timer.


Not really :smiley: Silent Legion Light + Dragonhide are still king. Because of the extra armor they offer over normal epic gear.

Knowing this requires exactly zero hours on 3.0 though. It just requires watching the announcement trailer, or reading the summary, or any of the information on 3.0 really.

It’s basic logic that if an entire attribute category goes away, items that granted a bonus to said category will have to change.

And if someone prefers to just play and not read/watch/whatever about future content, that’s cool - but then one really shouldn’t complain about those changes in 3.0, either.


Change does not equals downgrade though…

True, but it does mean that the idea of looking for an “equivalent” is doomed to fail. As such it always comes down to what each person values, and whether the change equals just that: a change, or a straight downgrade.

Of course if there’s no replacement bonus at all, then it’s hard to argue that it’s anything but a downgrade - the question then becomes whether the item still fulfils a purpose. Bearing in mind that Funcom likes to add troll items that fulfil no function other than a literal “for the lulz”.

Personally I think that having multiple items at or near the top of a category is a good thing, rather than one item being head-and-shoulders better. Especially preferable is when each person’s playstyle is what defines the BiS for them. If that’s the situation, I’d say that’s damn good game design.

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Well that “something” is because having players able to directly modify their attributes (and therefore perks) via items is just horribly confusing, doubly so with the corruptible attributes coming with Sorcery. A change I agree with. As for Sorcery, I didn’t personally ask for it*, but we can’t exactly pretend it’s not been a recurring subject :wink:

*I did ask for transmog, ad nauseam, and Sorcery is the Lore justification for that, so I’m happy with Sorcery for that reason alone.


I would agree with u on that but then its the ios gear and weaponry that is exactly that and been implemented on purpose by devs

Well yeah that was a mistake IMO, especially since they allowed people to transfer it back to EL.

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The real mistake is that rest of gear has not been revised so far to match this … and they also missed this opportunity in 3.0

If it is a downgrade based on a system change, aka rework, what would you suggest as a proper balance for said rework?

It is testlive after all and maybe the devs will hear your feedback and suggestion and actually implement it.

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