Black blood tools no longer provide any bonus

For the record of you testlive folks, does any of the handheld gear have buffs? I believe @Wak4863 made a comment about this so if accurate, then it’s not just Black Blood tools but all stat buffs are gone from weapons, shields, and tools.


That’s correct all bonuses have been removed from hand held items. Bonuses only come from armors and consumables now. When I say bonus I’m referring only to a change in attributes bonuses. Items that had a unique function still have those.


I would recomend anything that has to do with their former bonus adjusted in the new system… Extra +2 harvesting should be more than enough so in this way we have all crafted tools reaching up to a level (lets say +16/swing) and bb have two steps above (+20/swing) . This way new attributes remain intact and the tool has something to offer more to make it unique.
Same shield of zawbeth, zhaibar knives, baal pteors weapons , witch doctor mask , axe of the lion etc… They provide NOTHING . They all been nerfed. And i hope FC listens, cause what does to game atm is making it a flat boring game where no variation is existing… Even in armours, lets say agility ones, a couple of pieces offer +6% and the rest +3… ALL of them… They r all now the same armour reskinned… And for me this is a sad turn for CE

even an extra point into harvesting will separate the legendary from the crafted ones, (but really its not a big deal, black blood tools still offers way more durability, and it is perfect with oils, that is where this tool shines, and go above anything else in the game for harvesting.

durability is so important! :slight_smile:

People are used to having certain buildouts for their characters, in terms of spec and gear both, and are now upset that they can’t do exactly the same as before and have to adapt to the new system. Not much more to it than that, really :man_shrugging:

Most of the thread is basically that group of people trying to convince the rest of us that the gear they relied on for that specific purpose is now suddenly completely worthless.

We’ll see many more variations on this thread during the shakedown of 3.0, both in TestLive and live.


As I’ve already said numerous times in this thread, >I< do not consider the bonus 2 harvesting power worth it in tradeoff for how much more of a chore it is to repair them. If you want to waste repair kits that’s your choice, but for a +2 harvest I do not think it’s necessary. I’ll stick with my alternative of choice, star metal.

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Anyways, going the same route as Testerle and muting you people. Good luck getting your nonexistent stat buff back, I’m out. There’s no hope of changing the minds of people who don’t want to change.

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allow me to correct u m8!
it is not about builds and how to use new “system”
its that the new system is a direct nerf to most things that were unique to game…

u so eager to play mage also that u cannot see that?


Please follow the forum Social guidelines before commenting any further. Since this feedback thread is being followed by our team to understand more about the topic in discussion, it would be a shame to have to close it.

We are all Exiles and any constructive feedback is welcome to help us keep improving our Lands!


Yeah, no kidding? Of course the new system is a direct nerf to some things, and it’s a direct buff to other things. It rearranges everything, and quite some time will pass before we can figure out whether the whole is relatively balanced or not, and what needs to be adjusted and tweaked. The most egregious problems – like the abyssal armor is claimed to be – will start emerging immediately, and the lesser stuff later.

Whether you like it or not, crying about how they’re “killing content” and how things are “useless” is an exaggeration in most cases.

I am so sick of people like you on the forums, who think that lashing out like that is okay. Does it really make you any happier to go around spewing bile all the freaking time?


You do realize the devs are not gunna listen to someone who is being rude? No matter if you are posting helpful information or not. If your being rude while you do it, they are gunna see it, flag it, and move on because nobody wants to interact with, listen to, or communicate with someone who is just being so outwardly rude.


not from me this time, haha,. BBtools are still awesome. for being highest resoure gathering and high durability, :slight_smile:

i am not happy with the state of some thralls , and i am not entirely happy with funcom removing the chance of not having build pieces in the inventory premade,

and i am not happy at all with SOC nerf, i still dont get it, (people seems to forget that the great sword of the legion can get very very close to SOC, (with the right rolls) if not better, i still cant understand why they made the weapon so worthless. :frowning:

the rest i am pleased with whats coming in 3.0.

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And for the moderators that inevitably see this, i would have loved to add something helpful to this thread, but the forum bullies are going hard today

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I agree that they nerfed gear. But they increased the attribute functionality. I mean you can min/max your attribute points to get 50% of the attributes maxed. That was unheard of in the older rules without using forbidden lores of certain equipment being made by certain people and knowing which magical henna design and which potion to drink and food to eat.

The only pain point I see is a generalist, like myself, that keeps the same attributes for the most part but tweaks gear to get functional work done now has to do what everyone else did and drink the reset potions to redesign the character. I mean I was sitting on 32 Enc and 20 survival normal statted for a reason…I had gear that would take me the rest of the way. Same with the rest. By removing the attributes from gear, it forces us to restat more often than gear up differently. Is it more painful? Well that depends on if we have to rediscover feats all over again (IE PLEASE FIX THE RESTAT BUGS!). that’s sort of like providing hyena skins in a monetization effort but having a known bug where you cannot get a greater hyena to be tamed. :unamused:

i believe you did not, if around 15% more resources is not noticeable in large scale farming i dont know what is, if you like math. that is somewhere around 15k extra rocks per 100k farming, and that is not counting the extra 50% you can get for 8.20 minutes using oils of bounty on that high durability tool. (which it is worth it only on that item, otherwise you will be getting much less of the frags of power you need to craft the oils) . with oils you can get 160k -165k rocks in the same time you will gather 85k rocks using starmetal tool, (understanding tha burning oils of bounty in a low durability tool is not worth it as the cost of each can be really high) oils only work in a sustainable way by using tools that offers high durability, the higher the durability the higher the time the oil effect will last.

for you, now if you are one of those players that forgets to repair frequently , meaning you loose the BB tool because it breaks, then there is merit (in your very particular case) to not use it. but that does not mean it is not a better tool if handled with care.

the thing is that 2 points of differnce means a higher percentage and that becomes more noticeable when the harvesting power of the item is higher, black blood tool with a oil, can get you 52 stones per hit, and if you know where to harvest with it, you can hit as much as you want without worring about the durability as it becomes time based.

here is my explanation why i believe it is not on the same league as star metal tools. for those who likes repairing, i will advice to switch to obsidian tools, for the highest output. ( getting obsidian bars is easy, get a few hundreds and it will last you a lot, without oils obsidian tools are the best you can make in game.

TESTED with some hard numbers

1 starmetal pick tool with advance tool upgrade 17 rocks per hit.
1 blackblood pick with advanced tool upgrade 22 rocks per hit.
1 black blood tool with oil of bounty 52 rocks per hit.

  1. black blood pick with the advanced tool upgrade 1125 durability
  2. starmetal tool with advanced tool upgrade : 702 (using a t4 termpersmith to make it)
  3. black blood tool with oil (no durability for 8minutes and 20 seconds) hit as much as you want during that time, when timer from oil stops, the tool is left with around 10% iirc.

only downside is you need to be aware it does not break, repairing is dirty cheap. and remember eldariun and legendary weapons needs repairing, at some point, so legenrady repair kits are necessary .if you are in EL you want to use legendary repair kits instead of eldarium.

edit based on those numbers above, it is more than 15 % it is indeed more than 25% more rocks without oil per hit


i appreciate ur kindness and what u trying to say. and i thank you for that.
the devs i doubdt that they listen to playerbase at all.
some guys (the same over and over again ) r defending FC with all their powers. it is a good thing as it shows that they enjoy what they r doing to justify this.

i will clear my position once and last time: the game looses uniqueness . this is my sole feedback.
i am sorry if some people think that I will go off my comfort zone and this is the reason i am trying to point out that most legendaries will be just simple weapons from 3.0 , they flatted out 90% of the handheld gear to being reskins… most will be useless also due to low stats… at the same time gear like aspect of the wolf, serpent boots remain OP , new armour is OP (anyone disagreeing?) and the rest of teh armours r just reskins with 3% more dmg weapon (+1 strength equivalent according to fc probably ) or something flat out like +15 carrying capacity (+45 for the serpent boots ofc) …

most people have focused to the fact that i say stuff is useless or being nerfed cause i will loose my favourite builds… for me the new update is a huge plus as it will provide me with a new game out of nowhere. but i pitty all those that do not lurk in here and suddenly one day they will wake up and ALL the things that they spent time for will be a different thing that will be useless in terms of what was and what provided…

the last sentence is what most in this forum do not get… noone cares for one persons opinion or the fact that i will have to change builds. i am on since 1st week managed to never decay (its not a brag) and this alone means i have all things right now at my base to recraft ALL of the content of the game in all its variations without even needing to farm more…
it is the new player that will suffer who last week managed to get his 1st epic armour for its stats ((or the 1st epic piece of gear (lets say shield of zawbeth that needs to run a spcific dungeon multiple times) and will wake up to see its utter crap NOT WORTHING the effort he put into this piece…

and unfortunatelly this is not a single item (bb tools was just a poke) … but the forum guys that LOVE what will happen r so focused on proving that the BB tools r awesome for the durability that becomes obvious that they do not even play the game (perhaps editing wiki pages for us)…

@codemage i agree that the playstyles r different , but they seem to miss the players opinion and Point of view entirelly. i love age of sorcery it will add depth to the game and will also match well the lore of howards world, also was a lot requested indeed , but they still have things that already needs adjustment… (like who will craft mounds that dissapear after a while? a couple dozen times maybe?)

the update for me seems not well thought and kinda pushed out (even attributes r not all corruptible yet ) having OP things (like new armour , certain spells that will break pvp meta, CERTAIN ITEMS FROM CERTAIN DLC that remain OP) and i see not even one bug fixed (like lets say the potions that make u loose random recipes or when the transfer will be available again)… even for the feasts that r fixed (finally) a tester from here confirmed that and not FC in the patch notes (which for me should include EVERY change)…

do not misundertsand me , i love this game and i have quite a few thousand hours ingame , but seeing a whole company not respecting the time of their playerbase again and again hurts me, and when i try to point things out, there r a couple of forum lurkers here that always seem to defend the “company” . ofc its their right , but telling nothing constructive in a thread , downgrading it is not the correct thing to do. same people.

i remember not arguing with lets say @CodeMage in a bad way or jumping onto someone who asked or said anything rational. i respect his opinion, this does not means i agree with him .

and i will say one more time. how many new players lets say with 300-400 hundreds hours did FC asked or got their opinions about new update?

i would recomend that u express ur opinion . do not take any bully into consideration. its just a different opinion. Each of us express an opinion based on our experience and knowledge. so go ahead please and share ur opinion ! u may see soemthing that we fail to see somehow

The whole BiS about black blood, Star Metal, Obsidian is like reading Billionaires argue over if you use more gas in your G5 goin 50000 feet or 51000 feet. Foes it really matter whether tou 10 chest of stone or 11 ?


this is true , and i am a player that before the potion bug respected all the time (maybe more than 5 times in a session depending on what i did) ,
but crucial stuff aint fixed (like the potions that we need to use to respec) and FC does nothing over a lost recipe … how the heck their dignity as gaming company allows such behaviour? i find it offensive towards the playerbase (or lets say towards me as a player)

in time i realised why wiki pages r outdated regardless of the efforts (and this goes for @Jimbo and everyone who contributed there- and please the ones that edit the pages let me know if i am wrong): its because they make changes and they do not even send the changes to these guys… they will have to test again and again for us. a serious company would release proper patch notes that would point EVERYTHING that is going to change… why this is happening idk, but it is a clear sign that this company has communication issues in between their lines at 1st and towards the player base after… i have numerous examples that will derail the topic if i mention them.
am i a good customer when i point out what is wrong? or i should shut up and keep it for me personally because i do not go with the flow? i persoanlly learned in my life that u r a free person when u CAN express ur opinion regardless of what most think and this is what i do.

for me? bo aboslutelly no difference… i am lucky , have found the way to craft composite in such an easy way that atm i must have around 5 or 6 chests full of it! obsidian tools r really easy and guess what: i do not even need to harvest stone for a loong time as i have some chests filled with stone / hardened bricks and bricks, shapped etc. i am not giving a sigle cent about bb tools (tbh i do not even use em). BUT if i had invested time to get them (lets say i reached lvl 60 last week) and lets say i farmed em for my whole clan (lets assume i am a clan of 4) , how would i feel if i woke up in a week , 3.0 was out and i realised that the tools i grinded for was nerfed?

how would u feel?

We have had countless examples to the contrary. Over these years, we have gotten so many things that we asked for – some of them really good, others not so much – that it’s patently ridiculous to claim that they don’t listen to us at all.

And some other people constantly call them incompetent, or claim that they “don’t listen to us at all” and similar stuff, because they don’t get what they want when they want it. I’ve seen both extremes, and I’ve seen the shades of gray in between.

The way it works is that many people ask for many things, some of that gets relayed to the devs, and then they incorporate that into their own plans. So in the end, we get some changes we asked for and we get some changes we no one asked for. We get some changes we like and we get some changes we hate.

If you expect Funcom to read your topic specifically and do things you asked them to do, the way you asked them to do it, then yeah – they don’t listen. Nobody will do that. It’s not a realistic expectation, and the only reasonable answer to it is “go make your own game”.

We all get that. What you don’t get is what some of us are saying in reply. The 3.0 update is a major update. It’s going to change a huge number of things, across the board, possibly even more than 2.0 did when it came out.

Those people, just like everyone else, will wake up one day to find this change and they’ll have to deal with it and adapt. And they’ll have to form their own opinion about it.

Some will jump straight onto the forums to complain, because they don’t want to give themselves time to adapt. “Nobody asked for this” and “you’re killing the game” will be very popular phrases during that period.

That doesn’t make any of them – any of you – right.

That’s what I keep trying to explain here. That’s what “different play styles” means. I’ve seen people on these forums claim that the skeleton key legendaries are useless, or that there are no reasons anymore to go farm the Unnamed City, all because they have no use for that stuff. Meanwhile, I’m happy with my Glimmermoon and my Lovetap and my Riptide and many other things, because I do have use for that stuff. It doesn’t have to be the best of the best, it doesn’t have to give me the same kind of advantages that you are looking for.

So how exactly can you or anyone else know “who will craft mounts that disappear after a while”, when this thing has only been on TestLive for a short while?

May I direct you to the patch notes for the TestLive build, and point out the sections called “performance and stability”, “exploit fixes”, “building and placeable fixes”, “crafting fixes”, “combat fixes”, “AI and NPC fixes”, “purge and events fixes”, “terrain and environment fixes”, “animation and cinematic fixes”, “UI and text fixes”, “audio fixes”, and “general bugfixes”?

This is what I’m talking about. “They don’t listen to us at all.” “They haven’t fixed a single bug.” “They’re killing the game.”

That’s the whole point, the thread didn’t even open constructively. I tried to stay away from criticizing that, because every time I or someone else points out that there’s nothing constructive in opening a thread with nothing more than a dramatic exaggeration, the whole thing does down the toilet real fast.

Hell, we had to go through 70 posts before you actually proposed something. Some of those 70 posts were dedicated to finding out why some people thought this was such a big problem, which also wasn’t clear from the start.

None. Funcom didn’t ask anyone’s opinion about the new update. It’s not a democracy, it’s not design by committee, it’s game development and it doesn’t work like that.

Funcom put up their update on TestLive, and they’re watching the discussions to get some feedback.

If you want them to change something, provide effective feedback.

Me too. From what I’ve seen of @purple on the forums so far, they tend to provide reasonable feedback.